How To Contact Jiji Ghana Customer Care – Get Help Shopping From Jiji Support Online

I know you have heard or probably used Jiji Ghana for one shopping or the other. But do you know how to contact Jiji Ghana customer care?

If you do not know how to contact the Jiji customer service in Accra or any part of Ghana, then don’t worry as I make the process far easier in this guide.

Are you an already or new user on Jiji Ghana? Are you facing any technical related issues which require urgent attention and support of their customer care?

Then I know this post would be of great benefit to you. Kindly read this post to the end to find solutions on how to contact Jiji Ghana customer care.

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A Quick Overview Of Jiji Ghana Shopping

The e-commerce market is still growing rapidly across all countries in Africa. Jiji Ghana is an online marketplace that provides buyers and sellers with an avenue to meet and exchange goods and services.

Jiji has become one of the most reliable online free classifieds marketplace in Ghana now.

Jiji, which was previously owned by OLX company with the highest rated app in Ghana e-commerce, has been a place of publication of over 100,000 ads.

Jiji is attracting over 50,000 sellers and 1 million original users per month. All these Jiji customers look for bargains in cars, household goods, electronics, services, as well as jobs in a rapidly growing market of 30 million people.

Are you missing out something here? I guess this puts a smile on your face now if you have been wondering where to catch up with some hot deals online.

I am sure after reading this post, you will find it convenient on how to easily navigate and contact the customer care unit on the Jiji Ghana website.

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What You Should Know About Jiji Ghana And The Customer Care

How to get help from Jiji customer care in Ghana
Contact Jiji Customer Care In Ghana For Help

Jiji Ghana is free for both sellers and buyers.

Check some of the benefits of using the Jiji e-commerce platform below:

1. Special packages are available to stimulate ads.

2. Average or below-average prices.

3. Ability to start a business.

4. Security and assistance 24/7

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What Can You Do On Jiji Ghana As A Buyer

As a buyer on Jiji Ghana, you can do the following:

  • Buy new and used products at the best price in Ghana.
  • Let the widest range of products pamper you.
  • Be well assured of your safety in terms of security.
  • Take advantage of negotiation opportunities with sellers.

You can contact Jiji Ghana customer care for more information.

What Can You Do As A Seller On Jiji Ghana

As a seller on Jiji Ghana, you can do the following:

  • Enjoy the full visibility of your products with more than 10 million monthly visitors.
  • Get the maximum benefit because Jiji Ghana does not charge commissions or connection costs.
  • Benefit from a low capital investment because you can start selling with a single product.
  • Get instant refunds as the transaction is strictly between you and the buyer.
  • Develop a good and stronger relationship between customer and seller with your customers.

Where To Locate Jiji Customer Care In Ghana

Unfortunately, Jiji doesn’t have an office in Ghana. Meaning, you may not locate their head office in Ghana.

But hey! Don’t worry.

You don’t really have to search for a Jiji contact or phone number if you need help from Jiji Ghana.

You can always reach out to the Jiji customer care for help when shopping online in any part of the country.

The Jiji customer support team is always available and ready to answer your questions and query at any point in time.

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How To Contact Jiji Customer Care In Ghana

To contact Jiji Ghana customer care, kindly take the following simple steps:

  1. First, Open the homepage of Jiji Ghana website: Jiji Ghana.
  2. Scroll down to the very end of the page and open “Contact us”.
  3. Send an email straight to
  4. To find more details and answers to some common questions, kindly visit the FAQs page.
  5. For instant and secure access to Jiji Ghana online shopping opportunities, install Jiji shopping App available both for Android and iOS.

Those are the only way to contact Jiji Ghana in the country and even in most African countries.

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