How To Contact Aker Energy Ghana – Contact Number, Office Address, & Email

Do you want to work with an oil and gas company in Ghana? Look no further you can contact Aker Energy Ghana to make inquiries.

Maybe it’s in your interest to invest in oil and gas, but you don’t know whom to contact for business or personal education in oil and gas.

Then, the best source to make your queries is by contacting Aker Energy Ghana.

The stress of contacting Aker Energy Ghana is being released by the end of this article.

We have dedicated this guide to educate our readers on how to contact Aker Energy Ghana.

Aker Energy Ghana is an oil and gas company that has acquired a 50 percent participating interest in the Deepwater Tano Cape Three Points block in Ghana, including the Pecan development project.

The Pecan field was discovered in 2012 by Hess, which measured the field with five reservoir penetrations. The measurement and drill-stem tests showed promising results and a light, under-saturated oil with favorable oil characteristics appropriate for waterflood.

The Aker Energy Ghana seeks to be the developing partner of the Ghanaian oil and gas resource sector.

Also, Aker Energy Ghana has a scholars program called ”The Aker Energy-GNPC Scholars Programme,”.

The program began in 2012 after a needs assessment was carried out in the coastal districts of the Western Region, which discovered education as one of the top priorities for the coastal communities.

The scholar’s program provides scholarships to brilliant and promising students, and so far, 794 students have benefited from this program.

Yes, Aker Energy Ghana is making a great positive change in the country. Therefore, we commend them for their good services to the Ghanaian public and country.

What are your queries then?

Are you willing to do business with Aker Energy Ghana?

Or you want to make inquiries about the company’s business operation.

Then, don’t look elsewhere for answers, rather contact Aker Energy Ghana for assistance.

Aker Energy Ghana Head Office

Make physical contact with Aker Energy Ghana to make your queries to the company. The company’s head office can be located in Accra, and to reach out to the office using the address below.

⦁ Atlantic Towers, 10th and 11th Floor, Plot 16 Airport City, Accra, Ghana

How To Contact Aker Energy Ghana

The Aker Energy company in Ghana has made provisions for various communication mediums to connect and interact with businesses and individuals who have an interest in the company’s operations and services.

One can make their queries through the following medium of communication:

1. Contact Number

2. Email

3. Social Media

What Is The Contact Number Of Aker Energy Ghana

To easily make your queries to the company in a verbal form, a call has to be placed to the company’s office, and you’ll need the office phone number to help establish this kind of contact.

Use the head office of Aker Energy Ghana phone number +233 (0) 302 744 140 to make your queries.

How To Reach Aker Energy Ghana Through Email

Make your queries in a simplified or detailed form to the office of Aker Energy Ghana through email if you prefer a nonverbal form of communicating with the company representative.

Therefore you can use the company’s head office email to make your queries.

How To Reach Aker Energy Ghana On Social Media

You can also reach out to Aker Energy Ghana through the company’s official social media handles.

But before making your queries, ensure that contact is made through the correct social media handle of the company.

Below is a list of official social media handles of Aker Energy Ghana:

1. Twitter:

2. Linkedin:

That is the information we have at our disposal on how to contact Aker Energy Ghana.

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