Arik Air Ghana Phone Number, Address, & Email

You might have tasted a lot of services and packages from different airline companies and want to have a different feel of West Africa’s leading airways in your upcoming business trip, then for an amazing airways service and packages, contact Arik Air Ghana.

If you’re finding it challenging to reach out to Arik Air Ghana, then this article is going to be a guide to you because it has been purposely dedicated to educating our readers on how to contact Arik Air Ghana.

Therefore, we encourage you to keep reading because the contact details of Arik Air are discussed below in this guide.

Arik Air was founded in 2002 but commenced with business in 2006 and has a total of 22 aircraft for business operations.

Arik Air is the leading West-Africa airways with better packages and services.

You might need immediate attention to your challenges which may include checking on the possibility of flying to your destination, book, cancel or refund flight tickets, and many others that we can’t describe nor identify.

Note that, no matter the kind of query you want to make, don’t hesitate to reach Arik Air Ghana for support for their customer care representatives stands in a better position to educate you on the operations, packages, and services of the company.

Arik Air Ghana Head Office

Arik Air Ghana has made provisions for the company’s office to help make physical contact with the office for booking, ticket, visa, and other operational services.

Therefore to locate the office of Arik Air Ghana, use the address below.

Kotoka International Airport, Accra, Ghana

What Is The Contact Number Of Arik Air Ghana Office

If you prefer to make your queries in a verbal form, place a call to the office of Arik Air Ghana through the numbers below:

1. 0560027505

2. 0560027506

3. 0560027507

4. 0560027508

How To Contact Arik Air Ghana

Aside from the physical address and contact numbers of Arik Air Ghana office. The company has made provisions for other communication channels to help connect and interact with customer no matter your destination.

The list below are communication channels provided by Arik Air:

1. Email

2. Customer Care

3. Social Media

How To Reach Arik Air Ghana Via Email

You can make a detailed query to Arik Air Ghana through the company’s official email address

Always make sure your queries are sent through the right email address to prevent an empty contact with the company.

What Is The Customer Care Number Of Arik Air – Arik Air Ghana

Arik Air offers a 24 hour dedicated customer care service. Therefore, you can choose to contact customer care at any time of your choice and always be straight and direct with your queries.

You can contact Arik Air Ghana customer care on this number: +234 (0) 1279 9999

How To Reach Arik Air Through Social Media

For social media users who are familiar with making queries through social media, Arik Air has provided customers with the official social media handles of the company.

Below is a list of official social media handles of Arik Air

1. Facebook:

2. Twitter:

Website Of Arik Air Ghana

Access the Arik Air Ghana website to manage your booking, perform online check-in, and many other activities.

That is the full details of how to contact Arik Air Ghana.

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