How To Contact MTN Ghana Customer Care – MTN Ghana Call Center Helpline

Many people in Ghana are using MTN for phone calls and internet connection. Many of these customers are confronted with one problem or the other, but the problem is how to contact MTN Ghana Customer Care in and outside the country.

If you are one of such customers, then you are lucky today.

We are going to list all the MTN Ghana Customer Service contact numbers here for you to contact them directly.

You have a variety of options available for you to contact the MTN customer support desk in any part of Ghana.

In this customer care guide, we are going to show you where to locate the MTN Head Office in Ghana.

In addition, you will also get to know all the MTN toll-free numbers and other relevant phone numbers you can call and reach the MTN Ghana customer care in any part of the country.

What is more,

You will also know in a few minutes all the MTN email addresses, WhatsApp numbers, as well as the official social media channels through which you can contact the customer care team.

I know you are in a hurry, so let us begin.

How To Contact MTN Ghana Customer Care Call Centre

You can locate the MTN Ghana office at this location:

Scancom Limited, Plot OER 6 at the Independence Avenue, West Ridge, Accra.

You can use the address above to get in touch with the office.

The office location is not difficult to find and almost everybody knows where the head office building is located at Ridge in Accra.

MTN Ghana Customer Service Toll-Free Helpline Number

The following are the main MTN Customer Service toll-free numbers:

  • 100
  • 111
  • 1515

The general toll-free numbers you can use to contact MTN customer service are 100 and 111.

For those who want to report MTN Mobile Money fraud, you cal also call 1515.

Those are the official numbers MTN customers in Ghana can call when they need help.

Official Phone Numbers To Contact The Customer Care Call Center

Apart from the toll-free number we have listed above, you can also call other designated official contact numbers to reach the MTN Ghana Customer Care for any assistance you may need.

Here are the telephone numbers you can call:

The phone number 0556541525 is dedicated to business operations such as MTN Business Messenger.

How To Contact MTN Customer Service Through Email

You can contact the MTN customer support desk via email.

The following are the official email addresses through which you can send your emails:

So depending on your needs, you can reach them at the email addresses listed above.

MTN Ghana WhatsApp Number

In this day and age of advancement in technology, one cannot help but embrace the diversity it brings.

Gone are the old days when we were used to posting letters, sending emails, and waiting several hours or even days, if not weeks, for a response.

Those days are long gone. With the introduction of hundreds of social networks, we are more connected than ever.

You send and receive messages in real-time.

MTN Ghana has made it possible to connect with its customers by making use of all the available social networks, including WhatsApp.

You can contact the MTN Ghana customer care using these WhatsApp numbers:

  • +233553300000
  • +233554300000
  • +233555300000

Those are the phone numbers you can use to contact the customer care service unit.

How To Contact MTN Ghana Customer Service On Social Media

Like you have seen earlier, MTN customer care is present on WhatsApp.

That is just the tip of the iceberg.

Let me show you more.

You can contact MTN Ghana Customer Service on the following social media networks:

How Do I Speak To MTN Ghana Customer Care

You can speak to MTN customer care by calling the helplines provided or sending emails to the customer service center.

It is more tempting to call the MTN toll-free numbers but if you are in a hurry, I will suggest you call the usual contact number.

This is because most people are calling the toll-free number which makes it very busy most part of the day.

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