How To Contact Post Bank Customer Care Service In Kenya – Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for how to Contact Post Bank customer care in Kenya. You have come to the right customer service guide because we are here to help you.

It is important to know how to contact Post bank Kenya customer care if you are a client.

This is because you may experience banking problems or face security threats, and the fastest way to resolve that is to contact customer care.

Post bank Kenya has a rich history of surviving the ups and downs of Kenya’s economy since it was established in 1910.

If you would like to know their services and products as well as get your issues resolved, then contacting customer care is the best way.

What You Need To Know About Post Bank Kenya

Post Bank, also known as Kenya Post Office Savings Bank, was established in 1910 under the Kenya Post Office Savings Bank Act Cap 493B.

The aim of establishing the bank was to help Kenyans save what they earned from working for the British government.

The bank is not regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya but adheres to the act that formed it.

Although the bank was established in 1910, it was until 1913 when it allowed all Kenya to open an account. Among the bank features, one which stands out is that the interest earned by depositors is exempt from tax.

The bank also operated in Uganda and Tanzania, and it was until 1977 when the bank focused on the Kenyan market only.

Post Bank Kenya has achieved a lot over the years, and in 2010 it celebrated 100 years of successful banking in the Kenyan financial market.

The Kenya government took full control of the bank and today is regulated by the National Treasury.

Getting that out of the way, let me show you all the various ways you can get help from the Post Bank customer service unit.

How To Contact Post Bank Customer Service In Kenya

There are several ways to contact Post Bank customer service.

We have enumerated all the ways here, ranging from calls, emails, through the post office to visiting branches and social media.

You will find this guide useful with all Post ban customer care contacts you need.

Visit The Nearest Post Bank Branch In Kenya For Help

Visiting the nearest Post bank for customer care services is the best option.

You will have the ultimate opportunity to explain your issues and get quick responses by going to the nearest Post bank office in your area.

Over the years, Post bank has established branches across the country making it one of the successful banks in Kenya and even in East Africa.

In total, they have 42 branches distributed as follows: 16 branches in Rift Valley, 19 in Western, 13 in Coast, and 12 in Mount Kenya.

Post Bank Customer Service Contact Numbers In Kenya

To talk to Post bank Kenya customer care, you can use the following details:

Mobile number: +254 716 918999 or +254 734 856353

Telephone number: 020-2229 551, 020-2803205

Fax number: 020-243930

Email Address:

Postal address: P. O. Box 30311-00100, Nairobi.

Those are the official phone numbers, email addresses, and postal addresses to contact the Post Bank customer care service in Kenya.

Head Office Location And Postal Address

If you have a pressing issue and would like to visit Post bank head office, here is the physical address and contact details:

Kenya Post Office Savings Bank.

Postbank House, 16 Banda Street,

P.O Box 30311-00100 Nairobi, Kenya

If you want to call the Post Bank Customer care service in Kenya, then here is the phone numbers to call:

Switchboard +254 020 2229551-6

Postbank Kenya Help Desk +254 020 2803333/341/350/248

The Post Bank customer service mobile numbers: +254716918999, +254734856353

For those who want to send them a message, here is the SMS code to use: 20489.

Email Address:

How To Contact The Customer Support On Social Media

The following are social media channels you can connect with Post bank Kenya customer care:





That is all you need to know about contacting Post Bank customer care in Kenya.

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