How To Contact Air Tanzania Customer Care In Tanzania, Get Help 2023

Are you struggling to contact Air Tanzania? Worry no more as we have all the details on how to contact Air Tanzania customer care.

Air Tanzania is one of the top local airline companies in Tanzania that offers flight services to clients worldwide, including tourists, voyages, cargo services, and many more. They offer both online and offline flight reservations. So, you can book a flight with Air Tanzania both online and offline.

However, Air Tanzania offers the best customer support anytime you need help when it comes to customer care services. You can reach their call center or send them an email, as well as reach via social media. That makes contacting Air Tanzania stress-free. As mentioned earlier, we have dedicated this guide to give you details on how to get help from Air Tanzania.

Air Tanzania Head Office In Dar Es Salaam

The main headquarters of Air Tanzania is located in the capital city Dar Es Salaam, and you can visit them for any details you require regarding their services.

Irrespective of your quest, they still have time to assist you with the best customer support. Even though their head office is in Dar Es Salaam, they have an office in many cities across the country, including Arusha, Zanzibar, Mtwara, Kilimajaro, Mwanza, and more.

Here is the address to the Air Tanzania head office in Dar Es Salaam: ATC House, Ohio Street.
Their office is located at JNIA.

You can contact the Air Tanzania headquarters in Dar Es Salaam on this number: +255 222 117 500

Below is the postal address of Air Tanzania head office: ATC House, Ohio Street P.O Box 543.

You can contact Air Tanzania head office via this email address:

How Do I Contact Air Tanzania

You can use several ways to contact Air Tanzania, including contacting them on the phone, through email, fax, postal address, and many more. With each of the options available, you must ensure the official contact details to avoid forwarding your queries to the wrong office.

Contact Detail Of Air Tanzania Customer Care

If you want to contact Air Tanzania, below are the contact detail of their customer care:

P.O.BOX 543 Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania,
ATC House, Second Floor, Ohio Street,
Dar Es Salaam

If you want to contact Air Tanzania customer care, here is their telephone number: +255 0222113248

Fax: +255222125221

For Bookings Please Call:0800 110045 (Toll-Free)

Here is the email address of Air Tanzania Customer Care:

Email Address Of Air Tanzania

Often many people prefer to reach the customer care center only through the phone, but one of the easiest ways to get detailed answers to your queries is through email. You can reach Air Tanzania via this email address:

Does Air Tanzania Have A Toll-Free Number

Yes, you can contact Air Tanzania for free on their toll-free number here: 0800110045, it is available to everyone, and if you require any assistance regarding a booking, you can reach them via their toll-free number.

What Is PNR Air Tanzania

PNR of Air Tanzania stands for Passenger Name Record. The PNR gives you the current status of your booking, including Air Tanzania flights’ arrival and departure. The PNR can be found in your Air Tanzania ticket.

How To Contact Air Tanzania Via Social Media

Due to the numerous customers that seek help from the Air Tanzania customer support center, they have extended their services to various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Youtube. So you can follow their social media pages for updates and information regarding their services. Below are the official social media pages of Air Tanzania:







That is all we have for you on how to contact Air Tanzania.

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