How To Contact Bank Of Ghana – Contact Number, Location Address & Email

Are you willing to make inquiries on the authority’s operations that grant financial institutions the license to operate in Ghana? WOrry not, you can contact Bank of Ghana for help.

We guess you are finding it difficult to reach out to the Bank Of Ghana.

Then, this guide is purposely dedicated to guiding you on how to contact the Bank Of Ghana.

Bank Of Ghana (BOG) was formally established on the 4th March 1957 by the Bank Of Ghana Ordinance (No. 34) of 1957, authorized by the British Government.

The establishment of the institution was made two (2) days before the declaration of Independence to mark the beginning of independent monetary administration to the newly independent Ghana.

Presently, the Bank Of Ghana operates under the Bank Of Ghana Act, 2002 (Act 612).

The Bank Of Ghana plays a major role in the nations economic stability by functioning as follows:

1. To establish measures that are likely to have a favorable effect on the stability of payments, the state of local finances, and the general development of the national economy

2. To govern, supervise and direct the banking and credit system and ascertain the smooth operation of the financial sector

3. promote, govern and manage payment and settlement systems

4. issue and redeem the currency notes and coins

Note that there are many functions of BOG in addition to those mentioned above.

So, what are your queries to the Bank Of Ghana?

Do you want to work with the institution?

Are you willing to learn more about the BOG operations and functions?

Then, don’t hesitate to contact the Bank Of Ghana for answers because their office representatives hold a piece of in-depth knowledge about the institution’s operations.

Head Office Of Bank Of Ghana

The head office of the Bank Of Ghana is located in Accra, and you can visit or send your queries through the institution’s postal address.

Here is the address of BOG Ghana: Bank of Ghana, One Thorpe Road, Accra

Postal Address: P.O. Box GP 2674, Accra, Ghana

Working Days And Hours Of Bank Of Ghana

To successfully reach out to the head office of the Bank Of Ghana, the working days and hours must be considered to help get answers on time.

The head office operates from Monday – Friday within the hours of 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

How To Contact Bank Of Ghana

Aside from the physical address of the Bank Of Ghana, the institution has made provisions for different channels to help connect and interact with the Ghanaian public.

Some of these communication channels made available by BOG include:

1. Contact Number

2. Email

3. Social Media

What Is The Contact Number Of Bank Of Ghana

The bank of Ghana has provided several contact numbers for the Ghanaian public who wish to reach out to the institution for personal or business reasons.

Make your queries to BOG by placing a call through the contact numbers listed below:

⦁ +233-30-2666174 – 6

⦁ +233-30-2666361 – 5

⦁ +233-30-2666902 – 8

⦁ +233-30-2666921 – 5

Also, you can fax them on this number: +233-30-2662996

How To Reach Bank Of Ghana Through Email

One of the best ways to get help from BOG is to reach them via email. But before you do that, you must ensure you have their official email address.

Here is the official email address of Bank of Ghana:

Always ensure that your queries are sent through the right email to prevent an empty contact.

How To Reach Bank Of Ghana On Social Media

If you love using social media as a channel to make your queries, then use the links below to contact the Bank Of Ghana for assistance:

1. Facebook:

2. Twitter:

3. Linkedin:

4. Youtube:

That is all you must know on how to contact the Bank Of Ghana.

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