How To Contact CTN Ghana – Contact Number, Address, & Email

Are you in desperate need of a company that can help process your loading certificate within 24 hours in Ghana? Then, to put smiles on your face concerning your loading certificate, contact CTN Ghana.

Is it possible to reach Cargo Tracking Note Ghana?

Yes, it’s possible, and at the end of this guide, you’re going to find contacting CTN Ghana as a cakewalk.

Therefore we encourage you to keep reading for the contact details of CTN Ghana is discussed below in this guide.

Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) is a certificate that accompanies every cargo shipped to Ghana for commercial, business, diplomatic and personal purposes.

CTN Ghana was enforced as a regulation in 2018 and terminated by the Ghana Customs Officials in August 2020.

The system that has to replace CTN is called ICUMS. Always remember that the shipper must acquire CTN from the authorized representatives, and when your goods arrive in Ghana without a CTN certificate, you pay twice the clearance fee.

Maybe your concern is the cost involved in acquiring your certificate, check for job opportunities, or make inquiries about the existence of the company in Ghana in recent times.

Then, don’t look elsewhere for answers because representatives of CTN Ghana hold a piece of in-depth knowledge about the operations and services of the company.

Ways To Contact CTN Ghana

The CTN company in Ghana has made provisions for communication channels to help connect with customers for the sake of query make.

Some of the communication channels made available by CTN Ghana include:

1. Contact Number

2. Contact Form

3. Social Media

4. LiveChat

What Is The Contact Number Of CTN Ghana

CTN Ghana has made available contact numbers for customers to help make their verbal queries to the company.

Below are the official contact numbers of Cargo Tracking Note Ghana:

⦁ +233 (0) 302 909 505

⦁ +233 (0) 302 933 485

How To Contact CTN Ghana Using Their Contact Form

Follow the steps below to make your queries to CTN Ghana through contact form:

1. Visit the CTN Ghana contact website by clicking on this link

2. Scroll down to locate “new inquiries contact form.”

3. Fill in the details of the form

4. Click submit

5. Wait for a reply through the email you provided when filling the form

How To Reach CTN Ghana On Social Media

If you prefer making your queries to the company through social media, use the link below to reach out to CTN Ghana:

Whatsapp: +447723465323

How To Reach CTN Ghana Through LiveChat

Follow the procedure below to make your queries to CTN Ghana through LiveChat:

1. Visit the official website of CTN Ghana by clicking on this link

2. Locate the LiveChat button at the bottom left corner of the web screen

3. Click on the LiveChat button

4. Start a live interaction with the available customer support representative

Website Of CTN Ghana

Visit the website of CTN Ghana to acquire basic information about the certification of your load.

That is all we have for you on how to contact CTN Ghana.

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