How To Contact Ecobank Customer Care In Ghana – Contact Ecobank Call Center

Today in this customer care guide, we shall give you the full guidelines for contacting Ecobank Customer care in Ghana.

Ecobank is one of the giant financial institutions across the West Africa region on the African continent.

One of the major banking dilemmas that the banking sector in Africa has faced over the years is how the customer can still enjoy banking services from any bank branch in other countries.

Finally, Ecobank has provided joint banking services to all its customers across west Africa.

This means you can access your bank account in any west African country that Ecobank has a branch.

For customer care services, Ecobank is the best, and whenever you need assistance, there is 24/7 customer support to help.

When you say Ecobank, we say the Pan-African Bank.

Maybe you have issues with funds transfer, money withdrawal, rapid transfer, wallet withdrawals, and more.

You can reach Ecobank Customer care in Ghana for help.

We have provided details on how to reach their customer service.

Kindly read carefully follow each step as stated.

Ecobank Ghana Head Office

Although Ecobank is available in almost all the West African countries, each count has a head office for Ecobank.

The head office is responsible for supervising all Ecobank activities and partnerships in that country.

It is vital to visit their office for help, especially for commercial banking clients, institutions, and other corporate entities.

To locate the Ecobank head office in Ghana, use this address: 2 Morocco lane, off Independence Avenue and opposite Efua Sutherland Children’s park Accra.

Working Hours Of Ecobank Ghana Head Office

The working hours of Ecobank Ghana Head office are from 8:00am – 4:00pm each Monday to Friday.

Therefore anytime you want to visit their office you must go there during the regular working house.

Take mote the Ecobank main office in Ghana does not open on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays).

How To Contact Ecobank Ghana Customer Care

You can contact Ecobank Customer service in Ghana on the phone, via live chat on their website, through social media, and by email.

It is important to make sure any option you wish to use must be their official contact.

Also, while some of the contact options are 24 hours a day, others are not active all the time.

What Is The Contact Number Of Ecobank Customer Care In Ghana

The contact number of Ecobank Customer care in Ghana is 0302 213 990.

Remember to contact them during their regular working hours.

Please note that calling Ecobank Ghana Customer services comes with call charges but for  Ecobank customers in Ghana, there is also a toll-free number you can call.

You can call their service support center from any of the networks in Ghana. Below is the Ecobank Ghana toll-free number: 080030000.

How To Contact Ecobank Ghana From Abroad

No matter where you are around the globe, you can contact Ecobank Ghana if you need any details on issues regarding Ecobank services.

It is important to add the Ghana count code (+233) before calling.

If you want to contact Ecobank Ghana Customer service from outside Ghana, here is the number to call: +233 302 213 990.

Email Address Of Ecobank Ghana Customer Care

Aside from calling their customer service department, you can also contact Ecobank customer care via email.

It is recommended to reach Ecobank through email if you have numerous queries that require answers.

Anytime you reach Econbank via email, it is important to make sure you are forwarding your queries through their official email address.

Here is the email address of Ecobank Ghana Customer service:

How To Contact Ecobank Ghana Through Social Media

Ecobank now provides customer services to its customers on social media.

You can contact them on popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and more.

Here are the social media pages of Ecobank Ghana:

Follow Ecobank Ghana Facebook page here:

If you are on the Twitter platform, you can click here to follow the Ecobank Ghana Twitter page:

Click here to follow Ecobank Ghana on Instagram:

Here is the Linkedin page for Ecobank Ghana:

Also, you can simply click here to subscribe to the Ecobank Ghana Youtube channel:

That is all we have for you about how to contact Ecobank Customer care in Ghana.

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