Jobberman Ghana Customer Care Contact Number, Address & Email

The difficulty in finding a job in Ghana is a disturbing situation for many. Therefore, for the easiest way to find a job of your choice, contact Jobberman Ghana.

Contacting Jobberman Ghana is a cakewalk, but if you’re finding it difficult to reach out to the company, then you find yourself reading the right article because this guide has been purposely dedicated to educating our readers on how to contact Jobberman Ghana.

So, we implore you to keep reading for the answers you’re seeking are discussed below.

Jobberman Ghana was launched in 2012 as an online job search and employee recruiting platform.

Jobberman Ghana is responsible for connecting people to their dream jobs and helping employers acquire qualified employees for better business growth.

Jobberman Ghana has created space for various job opportunities, and all a job seeker has to do is choose a job of choice and see the available opportunities.

Therefore, for making detailed inquiries about the mode of operation, cost involved in using the platform, posting a job, and many others.

Then, don’t hesitate to contact Jobberman Ghana for accurate information about the company’s operations and services.

Head Office Of Jobberman Ghana

The head office of Jobberman Ghana can be located in Accra, and for delivering your concerns in person, use the address below:

⦁ 20A Freetown Avenue, American House, East Legon, Accra

Working Days And Hours Of Jobberman Ghana Head Office

The head office of Jobberman Ghana operates from Monday – Friday between 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Always ensure that the time of making contact with the office coincides with the days and hours of office operation to help get answers on time.

What Is The Contact Number Of Jobberman Ghana

Make your inquiries about Jobberman Ghana by placing a call to the head office. Always ensure that your calls are made within the days and hours of office operation.

Below are the available contact numbers provided by Jobberman Ghana:

⦁ Tel: 030 255 0200

⦁ Mobile: 054 296 4650

What Is The Email Address Of Jobberman Ghana

Make your concerns available to Jobberman Ghana through the company’s official email address. Your queries can be detailed or simplified when using email.

The list below are available emails of Jobberman Ghana:




How To Contact Jobberman Ghana Using Contact Form

Follow the steps below to reach out to Jobberman Ghana through their contact form:

1. Visit the Jobberman Ghana contact website by clicking on this link

2. When the page is done loading, you’re then presented with a contact form

3. Fill in the details of the form

4. Click on the Send Message button

5. Wait for a response through the email provided when filling the form

How To Contact Jobberman Ghana Through Social Media

Delivering your concerns to Jobberman Ghana through social media is one of the best options to get a quick response to your queries.

Therefore, if you are familiar with using social for query make, then use the official social media handles of Jobberman Ghana below to connect and interact with the company:

1. Facebook:

2. Twitter:

3. Instagram:

4. Linkedin:

Website Of Jobberman Ghana

Without accessing the Jobberman Ghana website or downloading the Jobberman Ghana app, one can’t post or find jobs.

Therefore, access the website to help gain more knowledge on the services of the company.


That is all the available on how to contact Jobberman Ghana.

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