Jubilee House Ghana Contact Number, Email, & Website

In Ghana, it is believed that making direct contact with the Presidency is impossible, but to get your concerns delivered directly to the Presidency, you must contact Jubilee House Ghana.

Contacting Jubilee House Ghana is not as difficult as it is believed, and this guide is going to play the role of educating our readers on how to contact Jubilee House.

So, we strongly urge that you keep reading because the answers you seek are discussed below.

Jubilee House was inaugurated in November 2008 by the Ex-President John Agyekum Kuffour to serve as the presidential palace, which acts as the residence and office to the President of Ghana.

So, contacting Jubilee House puts you in a direct position to reach out to the President of Ghana for help.

Note that your concerns sent to the Jubilee House must be one with the ability to help in Nation building.

Study and discover public challenges in your vicinity or any part of the country, then make a detailed presentation attaching a solution to the problem, then send your concerns to the Jubilee House.

Your concern is then assessed to see the urgency of the situation, and steps are taken to solve the challenges presented to the resident of the President.

Why are you in dire need to contact the Jubilee House Ghana?

Maybe your concern is related to bad education facilities in your community, you might want to prompt the President about illegal activities running in the country, or you might want to make a complaint about the government representatives in your community.

Know that no matter the kind of query you want to make concerning nation-building, don’t hesitate to contact the Jubilee House Ghana.

What Is The Physical Address Of Jubilee House Ghana

The Jubilee house can be located in Accra, and to locate the House any reasons, use the address below:

Jubilee House, Kanda, Accra

Digital Address: GA-000-288

What Is The Contact Number Of Jubilee House Ghana

You can deliver your concerns to the Jubilee House by calling the House contact number provided below.

Here is the official contact number of Jubilee House Ghana:  +233.302210000

Always be straight and direct when delivering your queries to the House.

What Is The Email Address Of Jubilee House Ghana

Sending your concerns through email is required when you want to make a detailed query to the House.

Therefore, use any of the official emails below to deliver your queries to the Presidency:



How To Contact The Jubilee House Through Social Media

If you’re familiar with making queries through social media, then contact the Jubilee House using the official handle provided by the company,

Below is the official social media handle of the Jubilee House Ghana:

1. Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/GhanaPresidency/?_rdc=1&_rdr

What Is The Website Of Jubilee House Ghana

Access the website of Jubilee House Ghana to enlighten yourself with basic history about Ghana, the President, Vice President, and the Chief of Staff.

Many other inquiries can be made through the website.

Here is the official website of the Jubilee House Ghana: https://presidency.gov.gh/index.php

That is the information available on our desk on how to contact Jubilee House Ghana.

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