How To Contact Kempinski Hotel Ghana, 2023 Contact Details

In recent times, luxury hotels are running amazing services such as Limousine rental that is mind-blowing. To have a feel of such an amazing luxury service in Ghana, contact Kempinski Hotel Ghana.

Many might find it easy to contact Kempinski Hotel Ghana, but reading this guide might need assistance to reach out to the hotel.

Then, this guide is meant for you because Kempiski hotel’s contact information is discussed below in this guide.

Kempinski is a luxury hotel management company that was founded in 1897 by Berthold Kempinski.

Today, Kempinski is the only luxury five-star hotel in Ghana, with the largest meeting facilities.

Also, the hotel has the largest room size with perfect interior designs. The hotel features 269 luxury guest rooms, 22 stylishly designed suites with two presidential suites.

The hotel has extra luxury features and services, which include:

1. Resense Spa

2. Swimming pool

3. Fitness center

4. Transport and car service

5. Meeting offers

Pricing, available rooms, meeting and event planning, and others might be your concern. To answer your queries, don’t look outside the company but rather contact the Kempinski Hotel Ghana for assistance.

Address Of Kempinski Hotel Ghana

If you want to enjoy the services of Kempiski Hotel Ghana, there is the need to make a physical visit with the company.

Below is the address of Kempinski Hotel Ghana:

Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City Accra, Ministries, Gamel Abdul Nasser Avenue

Postal Address: PMB 66

What Is The Contact Number Of Kempinski Hotel Ghana

Deliver your queries to Kempinski Hotel Ghana by placing a call through the hotel contact numbers.

You must always be straight and direct with your queries, and the hotel customer support representatives are always ready to assist you.

Below are the available contact numbers of Kempinski Hotel Ghana:

⦁ Phone: +233 242 436000

⦁ Fax: +233 242 436060

What Is The Email Address Of Kempinski Hotel Ghana

For detailed query make, the best channel to deliver your concern is through email, and always ensure that your concerns are sent to the right email to prevent blank contact.


How To Reach Kempiski Hotel Ghana Via Their Contact Form

Follow the exact steps below to reach out to the hotel through contact:

1. Visit the hotel’s website contact section by clicking on this link

2. Scroll down to locate the contact form

3. Fill in the details of the form with accurate information

4. Prove you’re not a robot by ticking the Recaptcha box

5. Click on submit details

6. Wait for a reply from Kempinski Hotel Ghana through the email provided when filling the form

How To Reach Kempinski Hotel Ghana On Social Media

The Kempinski Hotel Ghana has provided its customers with several social media handles where customers can use as a channel to deliver their queries to the company.

Below are the official social media handles provided by Kempinski Hotel Ghana:

1. Facebook:

2. Twitter:

3. Instagram:

4. Youtube:

5. Wechat:

Website Of Kempiski Hotel Ghana

Make your bookings online, check on hotel details, room details, and many others by assessing the website of Kempinski Hotel Ghana.


That is all you need to contact Kempinski Hotel Ghana.

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