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How To Contact KFC In Ghana – KFC Ghana Branches, Phone Numbers, & Address

How To Contact KFC Ghana

Do you want to have a bite with the world’s most popular restaurant with the best chicken recipe? In today’s, guide we will share with you details on how to contact KFC Ghana. Maybe you need details about But to whom do you contact or where can you find a KFC restaurant for a take-out, dine-in, or delivery.

Then, the best source to be of assistance to you is by contacting the KFC Ghana call center.

This article is then dedicated to guiding you on how to contact KFC in Ghana.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) opened its first franchise on September 24, 1952, by Colonel Harland Sanders Pete Harman.

Today, the KFC has 23,000 outlets in more than 140 countries around the world.

The KFC restaurant produces freshly delicious meals at affordable prices.

The following are the kind of meals produced by KFC Ghana:


⦁ Streetwise 10

⦁ Kentucky Box – Chips

⦁ Kentucky Box – Fried Rice

⦁ Tower Burger

⦁ Streetwise Bucket For 1

⦁ Chicken Rice Bowl

⦁ Streetwise 5

Just for Me:

⦁ Streetwise

⦁ Burgers

⦁ Twisters

⦁ Sides

⦁ Drinks

⦁ Dessert

For Sharing:

⦁ Streetwise

⦁ Buckets

⦁ Sides

⦁ Drinks

⦁ Dessert

Box Meal

Many want to make queries about the nearest KFC restaurant, others want to know about the pricing of a specific meal, and many want to know if delivering to their doorstep is possible at their current location.

But to whom are you to contact for your queries?

The right source to contact for your queries is KFC Ghana, and we encourage you to keep on reading because how to contact KFC Ghana is discussed below.

Working Hours Of KFC Ghana

The KFC business is operated every day within the hours of 9:00 AM – 12:00 AM, but hours of operation may differ depending on the branch you patronize.

How To Contact KFC Ghana

There have been various ways one can reach out to KFC Ghana for assistance. Some of the medium of communicating with KFC Ghana include:

1. Call Center

2. Social Media

What Is The Contact Number Of KFC Ghana Call Center

To make your queries to KFC Ghana, it is best to contact the business call center, and the representatives will be of assistance to you with immediate effect.

You can contact the KFC Ghana call center by placing a call to the number 0308251000.

How To Contact KFC Ghana Through Social Media

Luckily enough for social media users, KFC Ghana has provided the official social media handles to help customers make their queries.

Here are the official social media handles of KFC Ghana:

⦁ Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/KFCGhana/?_rdc=1&_rdr

⦁ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kfcghana/?hl=en

⦁ Twitter: https://twitter.com/KFC_Ghana

Address Of KFC Branches In Ghana

KFC Kwashieman

Inside Infin Service Station, Kwashieman Junction

030 298 0013 / 0308251000


F739/2 Oxford St, Accra

030 296 3086/030 825 1000

KFC Melcom

Melcom Plus Mall, Otublohum Rd, Accra

030 294 5547/030 825 1000

KFC Sakumono

Community junction 18, Spintex Rd, Accra

024 575 0586/030 825 1000

KFC Marina Mall

2nd floor, Airport Bypass Road Marina Mall Shopping center, Accra

030 295 4198/030 825 1000

KFC Dansoman

Asoredanho Mataheko JN, Dansoman Rd, Accra

030 393 4323/030 825 1000

KFC East Legon

Address: 47 Lagos Ave, Accra

020 172 5363/030 825 1000

KFC Junction Mall

Junction Mall, Nungua Main Road, Accra

030 396 5027/030 825 1000

KFC Achimota Mall

Achimota mall, Nsawam Road, Accra

030 396 7975/030 825 1000

KFC Haatso

Haatso, Agbogba Junction

030 290 3598/030 825 1000

KFC Adenta Shell

Lame Dwaahe St, Adenta Municipality

030 290 6093/030 825 1000

KFC Weija

West Hills Mall

030 293 6749/030 825 1000

KFC Circle

10 New Town Ln, Accra

030 296 0813/030 825 1000

KFC Accra Mall

Accra Mall, Second Food Research Rd, Accra

030 294 0290/030 825 1000

KFC Tema Shell

Tema, Shell Service Station, Community 11

030 298 7202/030 825 1000

KFC Asokwa

133 Lake Rd, Kumasi

032 239 7788/030 825 1000

KFC Bekwai Kumasi

Bekwai Roundabout, Kumasi

036 219 3743/030 825 1000

KFC Tamale

Salaga Rd, Tamale

050 435 8881/030 825 1000

KFC Takoradi

Obetsebi Lamptey Rd, Takoradi

031 229 2276/030 825 1000

KFC Sunyani

Sunyani – Berekum Rd, Sunyani

020 243 9368 or 030 825 1000

That is what we have for you on how to contact KFC Ghana.

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