Jiji Nigeria Contact, Customer Care Helpline, 2023, Address & Email

Have you bought an item on Jiji that did not go as you wanted? Maybe you have an issue with some of their services? Then you need the Jiji Nigeria contact number to make a complaint.

So in today’s customer care guide, we will show you how to contact Jiji Customer care in Nigeria.

Jiji is one of the most popular shopping sites in Nigeria, and given the affordable prices of their products, everyone wants to shop from there.

Online shopping in Nigeria comes with so many advantages, but sometimes there is a little dissatisfaction.

For that reason, Jiji Nigeria has employed competent customer care agents that are always ready to assist customers anytime they need help.

But someone may ask, what is Jiji Nigeria contact? Read below to find out.

What Does Jiji Means

The actual meaning of Jiji is “People,” and because it suits the main purpose of the company by giving people the opportunity to make cash out of their used products.

What Is Jiji Nigeria

Jiji Nigeria is a shopping site that deals with giving people the platform to sell their items and products. Mainly, items on Jiji Nigeria are compromises of each type, either new or used products. So you do not need to be a market to be able to sell your products on Jiji.

Ways To Contact Jiji Customer Care In Nigeria

You can reach out to Jiji in Nigeria through emails, live chat on their website, etc. They do not have an actual contact number you can use to reach them.

Jiji Nigeria Contact

Jiji Nigeria does not have a phone number you can call. However, if you want to reach out to them, you can send them a mail to their email address. The Jiji Nigeria customer care contact is support@jiji.ng.

Kindly ensure that you will send them a mail during regular working hours. Also, because they get a lot of emails daily, it might take a while before you get a reply.

How To Contact Jiji Customer For Help

If you want to contact Jiji in Nigeria to make a complaint or inquiries, you can send them mail to this email address support@jiji.ng. It is the best way you can use to make a complaint or inquiries from Jiji.

Jiji Nigeria WhatsApp Number

Jiji Nigeria does not yet have a WhatsApp number you can use to chat with their customer support. Very soon, we are hoping they will provide that.

Jiji Email Address

The official Email address of Jiji in Nigeria is support@jiji.ng. It is usually for customer services purposes and other corporate issues regarding Jiji in Nigeria. So, it is recommended you treat it as such.

Reach Jiji Customer Care On Social Media

Another way you can use to reach the Jiji help center in Nigeria is through social media.

Below are the official social media pages of Jiji Nigeria:

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Jiji.Nigeria/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JijiNigeria

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jijinigeria/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/jiji_nigeria/



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