How To Contact Family Bank Kenya Customer Care Service For Help

As the Family Bank Kenya is committed to creating mutual benefits with its customers, they have established various ways to contact their clients who need their assistance. If you are searching for how to contact Family customer care in Kenya, you have come to the right place. We will guide you to Contact Family Bank Kenya Customer Care Service For Help.

You will find this customer service guide useful as it has all the possible ways to contact Family Bank customer care service in Kenya.

If you have questions, inquiries, complaints, here are customer care contact details to discuss such issues.

What You Need To Know About Family Bank Kenya

Family Bank is among the 42 commercial banks in Kenya licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya. This is the central bank and national banking regulator.

The bank has a rich history since it began as a Family Finance Building Society in 1984.

Its primary goal was to offer financial services to those who felt that banks were met for the rich only.

In those times, banking services were expensive to a huge number of individuals, and that was today Family Bank came in to provide banking and financial services to the vulnerable.

It was until 2007 when the bank was licensed to operate as a commercial bank after gaining a vast client base.

Since then, the bank has expanded its wings and established branches across the country.

The bank’s products and services have been tailored to cater to the ordinary Kenyan citizen, and it has been a significant and meaningful contributing factor to its growth.

If you have questions, inquiries about their product and services, here are their customer care details to use.

How To Contact Family Bank Customer Service In Kenya

There are several ways to contact Family Bank customer care in Kenya, ranging from calls, sending emails, visiting branches to social media channels.

In this Family Bank Kenya customer service guide, we will show you all the various ways you can contact the bank for help.

How To Contact The Family Bank Customer Care At A Nearby Branch

The family bank has 92 branches across the country, and you can visit any branch and speak to customer care.

It is the best customer service option as you will have all the time to explain your inquiry or problem and get a quick response.

There is a customer service desk with customer care in every branch to guide or address your issue.

Family Bank Ltd – Head Office Location Address

Here is the location address for the Family Bank head office in Kenya:

Fourway Tws Muindi Mbingu St, Nairobi, Kenya

If you want to call the Family Bank head office in Kenya, then here is the official phone number to call: +254-20318173

Here are other mobile phone contact numbers for the Family Bank office: +254 (0) 703 095 000, and +254 (0) 703 095 445.

For those who want to send them mail, here is the postal address: P.O Box 74145-00200, Nairobi, Kenya.

Contact Numbers For Family Bank Customer Service In Kenya

Family banks have a customer care center, and it is open to call 24 hours weekdays, Sunday, and on Public holidays.

For those who want to contact the Family Bank Kenya customer care service for assistance, here is the list of phone numbers you can call:

  1. +254 (0) 703 095 000
  2. +254 (0) 703 095 445
  3. +254 (0) 20 3252 445
  4. +254 (0) 705 325 325
  5. +254 (0) 737 325 325

You can call any of the contact numbers above and the Family bank representative will help you with any issues you may have.

Email Address For Family Bank

If you want to send them an email, then here is the address you can use.

Email: or

Please note that getting help from the customer service via email delays.

It is therefore advisable to either go to the banking hall in person or call any of the phone numbers for urgent help.

How to contact Family customer care in Kenya through social media

The family bank is popular on social media, and you can use their pages to connect with customer care. The following are Family bank social media pages:




WhatsApp: +254 (0) 701 325 325

You can also visit the official Family Bank website and chat online for a quick response Website:


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