How To Contact Stanbic Bank Kenya Customer Care Service Center For Help

Stanbic Bank in Kenya is among the international banks in Kenya. Despite having many customers across the country, few know how to contact customer care. If you are one of those people who find it challenging to reach the support unit then worry no more. In this guide; we will show you several ways on how to Contact Stanbic Bank customer care in Kenya.

The Stanbic Bank Kenya offers a wide range of banking and financial services to its customers.

If you need banking and financial assistance to buy a home, grow your wealth, or need a credit or debit card, you can consult customer care for more information and help you find the perfect product.

You will find this guide useful because we will show you how to contact Stanbic customer care in Kenya with their contact details ranging from Email Address, calls, and visiting branches to social media.

About Stanbic Bank Kenya

Stanbic Holdings Plc, formerly called CfC Stanbic Holdings Limited, is among the commercial banking and financial services providers in Kenya.

The rebranding came about after the 2007 merger between CFC Bank and Stanbic Bank.

The bank is licensed, regulated, and certified by the Central Bank of Kenya.

It serves to offer financial services to large and small business customers and individuals across the country.

Originally, the bank is from South Africa, but they have their headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya Chiromo Road, and other Stanbic Bank Kenya branches across the country.

The bank has subsidiary branches in South Sudan.

How To Contact Stanbic Bank Customer Care in Kenya

Below are the various ways to contact Stanbic banking Kenya.

Note the Bank operating hours is from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays and closed on Public holidays.

But they are open on Saturdays from 8 am to 12 noon.

Visit The Nearest Stanbic Bank Branch In Kenya For Customer Service

The first option to contact Stanbic customer care in Kenya is to visit the nearest branch.

Stanbic Bank has more than 50 branches distributed across the country, and in every branch, there is a customer service hall.

It is an ideal option as you will be able to articulate your issue face to face with customer care.

More so, we will have time and a chance to get quick responses and discussion than other means.

How To Contact Them For General Inquiries

For general inquiries, contact the Stanbic Bank customer care in Kenya on this phone number: 0800 720 044.

Another line to call the Stanbic Kenya help center is this mobile number: +254203268888.

Other Stanbic Bank Kenya Customer Service Contact Numbers

There are instances where you will call the phone numbers above and you may not get the customer service center. In that case, you can call any of the phone numbers and toll-free number below:

You can contact CFC Stanbic’s customer contact center using the following details:

Mobile number: +254 07 11 068 888 or +254 20 3268 888

Stanbic Bank toll-free number: 0800 720 044.

How To Get Help From Stanbic Bank Kenya Via Email

If you need help but it is not so urgent, then you cal send them an email.

Also, at a certain time, the phone numbers may not be reached and the only way to get help from the Stanbic Bank support unit is by sending them an email.

In that case, we are going to show you the official email address that you can use.

You can also send an inquiry email to the Stanbic Bank Kenya customer service unit at

Like we said earlier, it will take time to get a response.

CFC Stanbic’s headquarters Physical Address

For those who are searching for the Stanbic Bank head office location address in Kenya, you can find it here:

Stanbic Centre, Chiromo Road, Westlands.

PO Box 30550 – 00100, Nairobi.

You can also send them mail to the postal address above.

How To Report Fraud

If you face any threat while banking with CFC Stanbic, you can contact their customer care through the following contact details:

Tel: 0800 221 3268 (toll-free)

That is the Stanbic Bank Kenya toll-free number and you can call them to report fraud.

How to Contact Stanbic Bank customer care in Kenya through social media

CFC Stanbic is prominent on social media, and you can find their pages on popular social media channels.

You can follow the company on LinkedIn here

Also, you can send a message to the Stanbic Bank customer care on Facebook here

DM on Twitter

To experience CFC Stanbic’s bank at your ing hands, you can download their banking App from the PlayStore

Apple store

That is all you need to know about how to contact Stanbic Bank Kenya customer care service.

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