How To Contact ABC Transport Ghana – Address, Phone Numbers, & Email

Maybe, you want a bus transport service that equals the comfort of traveling by air, then, for the best luxury transportation service in Ghana, contact ABC Transport Ghana.

How then do you contact ABC Transport In Ghana?

Contacting ABC Transport Ghana is not a heavy task to undertake, and this guide has been dedicated to educating our readers on how to contact ABC Transport Ghana.

Therefore, we urge you to keep reading because the contact details of ABC Transport are discussed below in this article.

ABC transport was founded on February 13, 1993, by Frank Nneji to provide modern transportation services in Nigeria.

The company operates luxury bus transport services that meet the demand of the middle-class population in the world.

What then is your query to ABC Transport in Ghana?

Drop-down destinations, the cost involved in boarding ABC Transport bus, complaints about the safety of customers, and many others may be included in your queries.

Then, don’t hesitate to ABC Transport for assistance, for their customer support representatives has in-depth knowledge about the services and operations of the company.

Head Office Of ABC Transport Ghana

The head office of ABC Transport Ghana can be located in Accra, hence, to make a physical visit to the office, use the address below.

⦁ABC Transport Ghana Ltd, 75, Nsawam Road, R5 Bus Stop (caprice), Opposite Priceway Hotel Avenor, Accra

Working Days And Hours Of ABC Transport Ghana

If you want to contact ABC Transport Ghana’s head office, the working days and hours of the office have to be considered to help get answers in time.

The office operates from Monday – Sunday for 24 hours. Therefore, the time of contacting the office is your choice to make.

Ways To Contact ABC Transport Ghana

Aside from making a physical visit to the head office of ABC Transport Ghana, the company has made provisions for other communication channels that one can pass through to get assistance from the company.

Below are the available communication channels to help reach out to ABC Transport Ghana:

1. Contact Number

2. Email

What Is The Contact Number Of ABC Transport Ghana

If you prefer making verbal queries to other forms of query making, place a call to any of the phone numbers listed below to reach out to ABC Transport Ghana:

⦁ 233244268611

⦁ 020-8765930

⦁ 021-227236

⦁ 009-233243708737

How To Reach ABC Transport Ghana Through Email

Make your detailed or simplified queries through the company’s official email

Always ensure that your queries are sent through the correct email address to get a quick response from the right source.

Website Of ABC Transport Ghana

Visit the website of ABC Transport to educate yourself with basic pieces of information about the company’s services and products.

That is all we have for you on how to contact ABC Transport Ghana.

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