How To Contact SportyBet Ghana – Contact Number, Email Address, & Website

Today, numerous betting companies are surfacing the gambling market in Ghana, and for a company that offers higher odds with good customer service, contact SportyBet Ghana.

Contacting SportyBet Ghana is not a difficult task to undertake, and this guide is going to enlighten our readers on how to contact SportyBet Ghana.

Therefore, we encourage you to keep reading because the contact details of SportyBrt Ghana await you below in this article.

SportyBet Ghana is a sports betting company licensed by the Gaming Commission of Ghana under the Gaming Act, 2006 (Act, 721).

Gamblers who are 18 years or older are allowed to register and play with the company.

SportyBet Ghana provides services in the following:

1. Sports betting

2. Live bet

3. Instant virtuals

4. Scheduled virtuals

5. Jackpot

6. Livescore

7. Results of played games

Maybe, you’re facing many challenges with registration, unsuccessful withdrawal, and deposit, general inquiries, and many others but don’t know how to solve these issues by yourself.

Then, don’t look elsewhere for answers. The right place to get answers to your challenges is to contact SportBet Ghana.

Ways To Contact SportyBet Ghana

SportyBet Ghana has made provisions for different communication channels where customers can pass through to reach out to the company for assistance.

Always choose the mode of communication you are familiar with to enable easy understanding by the customer care representative.

Below are the communication channels provided by SportyBet Ghana:

1. Contact Number
2. Email
3. LiveChat
4. Social Media

What Is The Contact Number Of SportyBet Ghana

To reach out to SportyBet Ghana to make verbal queries, place a call to the customer support phone number 0540134222 for assistance.

The official contact number of Sporty Bet Ghana is: +233540134222 

Your queries should be straight and direct to help get a quick and fast response from the customer support representative.

How To Contact SportyBet Ghana Through Email

Make your simplified or detailed queries through the official email of SportyBet Ghana

Always ensure that your queries are sent to the official SportyBet Ghana email address to prevent an empty contact with the company’s customer support.

How To Contact SportyBet Ghana Through LiveChat

LiveChat section is made available for customers to reach out to the company for help.

Therefore, follow the steps below to reach out to SportyBet Ghana through LiveChat:

1. Visit the official website of SportyBet Ghana by clicking on this link

2. Locate the LiveChat button on the bottom right corner of your screen

3. Click on the LiveChat button

4. Choose the category of your query

5. Start chatting with the customer support representative available

How To Contact SportyBet Ghana On Social Media

If you are familiar with making queries through social media, use the links listed below to reach out to SportyBet Ghana for assistance:

1. Facebook:

2. Twitter:

Website Of SportyBet Ghana

Check out the odds, results, and many other features that come with the official website of SportyBet Ghana to enlighten yourself more about the company’s offers.

That is the simplest way you can use to contact SportyBet Ghana.

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  1. please i’ve been trying to deposit n play but de money has been deducted from my momo acc bt it hasn’t reflect in my sporty acc….
    pls my number is 0557011216

  2. hello sporty bet please i made a deposit for more than 5 hours now bt still de money hasn’t reflect in my acc, my number is 055 701 1216 ,please fix it for me i wnt to stake

  3. John Amo yesterday I sent money through MTN to deposit on sportybet still the money is not reflecting why.this is my contact 0598868514

    • I tried several times to redraw my cash I wasn’t going through and I need assistance
      And this is not the first time I am experiencing that which
      is not good at all


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