Egypt Air Ghana, Contact Numbers, Email Address, Location

The high cost of traveling by air is very disturbing these days and in search of an airline corporate body that allows you to book flights and hotels at a cheaper rate, contact Egypt Air Ghana.

This guide has been purposely dedicated to educating our readers on how to contact Egypt Air Ghana.

So, at the end of this guide, contacting Egypt Air won’t be a stressful activity any longer.

Therefore, we implore you to keep reading because the contact details of Egypt Air Ghana await you below.

Egypt Air was founded on 7th June 1932 and commenced business operation in July 1933. The company flies customers to 75 destinations in the:

1. Middle East

2. Europe

3. Africa

4. Asia

5. Americas

Egypt Air has a fleet size of 69 and over 9,000 employees around the world.

Egypt Air is a state-owned company, meaning the company is 100% owned by the Government of Egypt.

Egypt Air offer services such as:

1. Flight

2. Hotel rentals

3. Flight + hotels

4. Insurance

5. Car rentals

All services mentioned above are run by Egypt Air.

Therefore, no need to stress about hotel booking and car rentals that will take care of your to and fro from the airport to your deop-down destination.

What is your query about?

There’s no need for the category your query falls within. Know that Egypt Air Ghana representatives are fed with accurate information to help assist customers during their challenging times.

Egypt Air Ghana – Accra Office

The Egypt Ghana office can be located in Accra, and to make physical contact with the office for your ticket reservation and making queries, use the address below:

Benefits plaza building, Ring road central, Accra, Ghana

Working Days And Hours Of Egypt Air Accra Office

The Accra Office of Egypt Air Ghana operates from Monday – Friday between the hours of 9:00AM – 5:00PM and Saturdays from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

Always put into consideration the days and hours of office operation before making any form of contact to help get answers on time.

Website Of Egypt Air Ghana

The website of Egypt Air Ghana comes with many features, and there’s the need to visit the website to feed yourself with basic information about the company.

How To Contact Egypt Air Ghana

Egypt Air Ghana has made provisions for communication channels where customers can pass through to make their queries and get help from the company.

Below are the available communication channels provided by Egypt Air Ghana:

1. Contact Number

2. Email

3. Social Media

What Is The Contact Number Of Egypt Air Ghana

Make your queries to the Egypt Air Ghana office by placing a call to any of the numbers listed below:

⦁ Telephone: (+233) 302 243 537, (+233) 302 243 538

⦁ Fax: +233 (302) 237 826

What Is The Email Address Of Egypt Air

When you prefer making nonverbal queries, the best communication channel to choose is making your queries through email.

Below is the official email address of Egypt Air Ghana:

How To Contact Egypt Air Ghana Through Social Media

For a quicker response from Egypt Air, make your queries through the official social media handles of the company.

Always ensure that your queries are sent to the right handle to prevent being a victim of a scam or making empty contact.

Below is a list of all social media handles of Egypt Air:

1. Facebook:

2. Twitter:

3. Instagram:

4. Youtube:

This is the information we can provide on how to contact Egypt Air Ghana.

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