GB Foods Ghana, Contact Number, Email, & Office Address

In recent times, finding the best ingredients that form part of a delicious meal in Ghana is a tiring activity to undertake, and to get the best ingredients for your meal, contact GB Foods Ghana.

Locating GB Foods Ghana is something you could do with your eyes shut, and this guide will show you how to contact GB Foods Ghana with ease.

So, we implore you to keep reading because the contact information of GB Foods Ghana is discussed below.

GB Foods was founded in 1937 by Lluís Carulla I Canals with the first introduction of the brand Gallina Blanca.

Today, the company has over 30 different local brands of products made available to both local and international markets.

GB Foods has over 3000 employees around the world, with products available in more than 50 countries in Europe and Africa.

By far, the company has 14 factories around the world with over 1.2 Million Euro sales annually.

GB Foods is well known for their household brands such as:

1. Jumbo

2. Gallina Blanca

3. Erasco

4. Gino

5. Liebig

6. Star

7. D&L

8. Grand’Italia

9. Blå Band

Gino is one of the most established brand in Ghana because of its wide range of top-quality products that make the daily lives of many families in Ghana a memorable one to be part of.

As an existing or yet-to-be customer of GB Foods, know that no matter the kind of query you want to make, the right source to channel your query is GB Foods Ghana.

The company stands in the best position to educate you on the operations, products, and services of the company.

Head Office Of GB Foods Ghana

The head office of GB Foods Ghana can be located in Accra, and to make your queries to the office in person or reach out to the company through mail, use the address below:

5th floor Atlantic tower. Airport City, Accra, Ghana

Postal Address: PMB CT 432

Working Days And Hours Of GB Foods Ghana Head Office

Make any form of contact with the head office of GB Foods Ghana by putting into consideration the days and hours of office operation.

The head office operates from Monday – Friday between 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Therefore, your contact to the office should always fall within the just mentioned days and hours of office operation above, to prevent one from making a blank contact with the office.

What Is The Contact Number Of GB Foods Ghana

Maybe you want to make verbal queries to the company concerning their products and services, then the best way to make your query is to place a call to the company contact number.

Here is the contact number of GB Foods Ghana: +233 2439436

Factory Address Of GB Foods Ghana

Visit the GB Foods Ghana factory or mail the factory for business reasons using the address provided below:

Plot No. IND/A/48/210-11, Heavy Industrial Area, Tema, Accra Ghana

Postal Address: P.O. Box 17813

Website Of GB Foods Ghana

Access the website of GB Foods Ghana to have a full view of the company’s wide range of products.

That is the information at our disposal on how to contact GB Foods Ghana.

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