How To Contact Bolt Ghana – Find Bolt Ghana Contact

Do you want a business ride for your upcoming meeting? Maybe you want a ride to manage your airport to and fro but don’t know whom to contact. Then, the right place to get amazing transport services is to contact Bolt Ghana.

But how do you contact Bolt Ghana?

Don’t worry much about the just mentioned question above because this article has been purposely dedicated to educating our readers on how to contact Bolt Ghana.

In 2013, Bolt (formerly called Taxify) was founded by Markus Villig, the then 19 years high school student.

Bolt is a ride-hailing company that allows customers to order a ride at their convenient location for a pick-up to a drop-down destination.

The company operates in over 150+ cities within 43 countries and allows one to become a driver and earn a financial profit in return.

Bolt offers business rides, which take care of your business team movement.

Bolt rides operating in Europe are now carbon-neutral for purposes of CO2 emissions for a greener planet. Also, Bolt offers scooter rides in some countries.

Are you aware that Bolt Ghana offers food delivery services in Accra? All you must do is locate a restaurant, order, and track your delivery in your app.

Bolt Ghana always puts its customers first in every situation. Therefore, using Bolt for your daily activities comes with the best experience you can ever think of.

What are your queries to Bolt Ghana?

Are you facing challenges in finding a Bolt ride?

Do you want to become a driver and earn with Bolt Ghana?

Maybe, you want to report a situation to the Bolt Ghana office, then don’t look elsewhere for answers but rather contact Bolt Ghana for the answers you’ve been seeking.

Training Head Office Of Bolt Ghana

The training head office of Bolt Ghana is located in Dzorwulu, Accra.

You can visit the training office of Bolt Ghana by using the address below:

10 Kofi Dzata Street(Odel Heights, Former Bedmate Building) Dzorwulu, Accra, Ghana

Working Days And Hours Of Bolt Ghana Head Office

The office of Bolt Ghana operates from Monday – Friday between the hours of 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Therefore, consider the days and hours of office operation to help get answers with immediate effect.

How To Contact Bolt Ghana

Bolt Ghana has made provisions for several communication mediums to pass through to reach out to the company for their queries. You can contact Bolt via email and through their official social media platforms.

How To Contact Bolt Ghana Through Email

Make your queries to the Bolt Ghana training head office via the email address

How To Contact Bolt Ghana Through Social Media

Social media now plays a vital role in many people’s social lives. Hence, many who are familiar with many social media platforms prefer connecting and interacting with friends & families, businesses, and offices through social media.

The Bolt Ghana Company have made provisions for the company’s official media handle,s and they are as follows:





That is the information we can provide on how to contact Bolt Ghana.

6 thoughts on “How To Contact Bolt Ghana – Find Bolt Ghana Contact”

  1. Good morning,
    This morning I requested a ride for my brother and his wife from Mallam to Madina. On reaching Flat top the vehicle broke down and the driver, Ernest, demanded his money be paid to him. My brother protested but he will not change his mind. He ended up taking 20 cedis out of the 30 cedis charged by the app from them after which they had to stand by the roadside with their 6 day old baby looking for another car, and on top of that paying for another service through no fault of theirs. Infact, I didn’t know about that before rating him 4 stars. He doesn’t deserve even a star for putting this family through this inhumane treatment. Is this how you treat people? I’m pained in the heart!

  2. Hi Bolt,

    I do patronise your services but I’m really disappointed today. A driver outwit me today. He never reached my destination but accepted that he’s reached on his app.

    I confronted who paid for the waiting time? You can contact him to hear his side of the story if it makes sense. Hope to hear from you.

    His number is GN 378-21.

  3. Hi l got a bolt this morning with my wife and son from Ashong Abokotobi to Agboba on way l wanted to buy water for my son the driver by name NII Armah GB 579 -22 .He was very rude started insulting us and l asked him to go . BOLT l think he your drivers most of them are not professional this is the third time…He was driving dangerous and carelessly…l want the management to deal with all the unprofessional drivers because they are working with him humans beings the services is Paid for not free

  4. Hi Bolt
    Please I ordered Pizza from Pizzaman on the 4th of March 2023 on bolt Food and I didn’t get my delivery so I counseled the order. But Till now I haven’t received my money back


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