Glo Ghana Contact Number – How To Contact Glo Customer Care In Ghana

Are you a Glo customer in Ghana? Maybe you have issues with network connectivity, SIM card, and many more. Then you have to contact Glo for assistance. Here in today’s customer care guide, we shall give you full details on contacting Glo Customer care in Ghana.

Glo is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Ghana, and since their existence, they have developed so fast as a result of their affordable services and good customer care.

One of the fascinating things about the Glo network is that they offer the best internet services, including cheaper data bundles coupled with data rollover and more.

You can get the best of call rates in Ghana with Glo.

Many of the Glo customers always reach us seeking the procedure to seek help from their customer support center, and today we are here to give you all the guidelines.

Where Is The GLO Head Office In Ghana?

Maybe you are a corporate body seeking to partner with Glo to establish services for your customers, and then you must visit their main head office in Accra for full details.

Before you can visit the Glo head office in Accra, you must use the right address to locate them.

Here is the address to the Glo Ghana head office in Accra: GloMobile Ghana Limited 19 Spintex Road, Opposite Furniture City Accra.

Also, below are the contact numbers of Glo Ghana head office:

  • 0230010100
  • 0230010200

Now let’s see how to contact Glo Ghana.

How Can I Contact Glo Customer Care In Ghana?

You can contact Glo customer service center in various ways, including phone calls, social media, email, and live chat on their website.

It is important to make sure you are reaching them via the right social media handle.

Also, you must send your queries to the right customer care email address.

What Is The Official Glo Ghana Customer Support Number?

The contact number for Glo Customer service in Ghana is 100. It is a toll-free number for all Glo Ghana subscribers.

This means you pay nothing for calling Glo on that number.

Also, it is available 24 hours all day.

Steps To Speak With Glo Customer Care In Ghana

To successfully contact Glo Customer care in Ghana, follow these steps:

1. Dial 100 on your phone.

2. Follow the voice prompt and choose your preferred language.

3. Select the option to speak with a customer care representative.

4. Wait as your call is being connected to an agent.

After a few minutes, you will be connected on the phone with customer care personnel.

That is how to contact Glo Customer services in Ghana.

How To Contact Glo Through Email

Aside from contacting Glo customer support on the phone, another way to reach them for fast response is via email.

You can put all your queries together in simplified sentences and send them to Glo customer care email address for help.

Here is the official email address of Glo Ghana Customer care:

How To Contact Glo Ghana Customer Care On Social Media

If you need help from Glo, you can contact them on social media.

You can send all your queries to them for assistance via their official social media handles.

It is important to ensure you are reaching them with their actual accounts.

Below are the social media pages of Glo Ghana customer care:

Follow Glo Ghana Facebook page here:

Here is the link to the Glo Ghana Instagram page:

You can follow the Glo Ghana Twitter page here:

Subscribe to Glo Ghana Youtube channel here:

Is Glo Still In Ghana?

Yes, Glo is still available in Ghana, as they have extended their network coverage to many areas in Ghana.

Now, you can get the Glo network in almost every corner of Ghana, making them very active and still in operation.

Does Glo Work In Ghana?

Yes, Glo works in Ghana, and they have been in existence for many years.

Glo is arguably one of the most popular telecommunication networks in Ghana at the moment.

You can get Glo SIM cad to buy in Ghana and enjoy their affordable services.

Does Glo Have 4G In Ghana?

Currently, Glo does not have a 4g coverage in any part of Ghana, so you can not get 4G on Glo Ghana.

Even though Glo does not have 4G in Ghana, it still offers one of the fastest internet connectivity in Ghana.

That is all we have for you about Glo Ghana Customer care.

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  1. Glo Ghana must have mobile money by partnering WORLD REMITTANCE SERVICES so I can be remitted to for all other telecos have blocked my momo so I am impecunious not even US$6 on me or Ghc30 cash for food and upkeep for none of the banks in Ghana wants to receive my over 64 zeroes b’cos of the incumbent New Patriotic Party.


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