Herbalife Ghana Customer Care Contact Number, Address & Email

Operating a business that has a high-profit potential and improves the healthy lifestyle of consumers is scarce to find in Ghana, so if you need a business that can help you make a living and help improve the health conditions of consumers, then contact Herbalife Ghana.

How then do you call Herbalife Ghana?

Reaching out to Herbalife has become a hectic task for many. Therefore, this guide is committed to educating you on how to reach Herbalife Ghana.

So, we strongly recommend that you read to the end because the contact information of Herbalife Ghana is discussed below.

Herbalife company was founded in Los Angeles in 1980 by Mark Hughes to enhance the nutritional lifestyle of the world.

Today, Herbalife has over 8,000 employees worldwide and delivering products and services in over 90 countries.

Herbalife is responsible for producing food replacement and meal supplement products for consumers to enhance their healthy lifestyle.

The high-quality products and services of Herbalife have made the company gain roots on the African soil, Ghana to be precise.

Therefore, join the Herbalife business, make inquiries on Herbalife products and services, check on pricing, and many other operations of the company by contacting Herbalife Ghana.

Head Office Of Herbalife Ghana

The head office of Herbalife Ghana can be located in Accra, don’t hesitate to make a physical visit to the office for your business and personal purposes.

Below is the address of Herbalife Ghana head office:

127B Spintex Road, Accra – Tema Motorway, Accra, Ghana

Postal Address: Herbalife of Ghana Ltd

No. 12 UNA Home, Airport City, Airport Bypass, Accra. Ghana

Working Days And Hours Of Herbalife Head Office Ghana

The Herbalife head office in Accra operates from Monday – Friday between 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM and Saturdays from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM.

Always make your contacts with the office within the days and hours of office operation.

Ways To Contact Herbalife Ghana

Herbalife Ghana has provided several communication channels to help customers deliver their concerns to the company for assistance.

Choose between any of the communication channels below provided by Herbalife Ghana to deliver your queries:

1. Contact Number

2. Social Media

What Is The Contact Number Of Herbalife Ghana

Delivering your concerns through calls is one of the best ways to get immediate answers to your questions, so place a call to the Herbalife Ghana contact number below to deliver your queries.

Below is the official contact number of Herbalife Ghana:

+233 (0)30 281 9240

Always ensure that the time of placing your calls correspond with the days and hours of head office operations.

How To Reach Herbalife Ghana On Social Media

In recent times, social media is one of the best channels to choose as a channel to deliver your queries to businesses and offices.

Therefore, contact Herbalife Ghana using the company’s official social media handles provided below:

1. Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/HerbalifeGhanaOfficial/?_rdc=1&_rdr

2. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/herbalifeghofficial/

Website Of Herbalife Ghana

Get basic information on Herbalife products and services by visiting the official website of Herbalife Ghana.

Website: https://www.herbalifeghana.com/

That is all the information we have for you on how to contact Herbalife Ghana.

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