How To Contact IPMC Ghana, Phone Number, Address, & Email

Do you need an I.T. solution with immediate effect as an individual or company? Maybe you have heard about IPMC and want to contact IPM Ghana? Read this guide to find out.

But how do you contact IPMC Ghana?

Don’t stress over contacting IPMC Ghana because this guide has been purposely dedicated to educating its readers on how to contact IPMC in Ghana.

IPMC Ghana commenced with business operation in the year 1992 and prioritized increasing productivity and efficiency in businesses through technological means.

The IPMC Ghana provides different kinds of services to the Ghanaian public. Some of these services include:

1. Data Centers

2. End User Computing

3. Local and Wide Area Network

4. ERP Solutions

5. Cyber Security

6. Digital Marketing

7. Service Center

8. Training Center

The best company that can put a stop to your company’s security issues is IPMC Ghana.

What is your query? You don’t know whom and where to seek answers from. Then, don’t hesitate to contact IPMC Ghana for your solutions.

But how do you reach IPMC in Ghana? You will find all that in this guide, so if you are ready let’s begin.

Head Office Address Of IPMC Ghana

If you want to make a query from the head office of IPMC Ghana, the following address has to be used:

Physical Address: 62, Kojo Thompson Road, Adabraka, Accra – Ghana

⦁ Phone Number: +233 0302 226830/90, +233 302 236904/05

⦁ Email:

How To Contact IPMC Ghana

The IPMC Ghana has provided various means to reach out to them for their assistance.

Even aside from contacting the head office of the company, other channels have been made available for query make.

The following are a list of other mediums to contact IPMC Ghana:

1. Service center

2. Training center

3. Social media

4. LiveChat

How To Reach IPMC Ghana Service Center

Maybe you want to repair your technological device to enable smooth business operation. Then you’ll have to reach the IPMC Ghana service center.

Below is the IPMC Ghana service center contact details:

⦁ Physical Address: Graphic Road, Accra-Ghana

⦁ Phone Number: +233 0264344354

⦁ Email:

How To Contact IPMC Ghana Through Training Center

To reach the IPMC company in Ghana for their training services, you must make your query through the training center address below:

⦁ Physical Address: P.O. Box AN 7617, Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, Accra-Ghana

⦁ Phone number: +233 (0)55-555-2222

⦁ Email:

How To Reach IPMC Ghana Through Social Media

Before making your queries to IPMC Ghana through social media, one has to make sure customers are contacting the official social media handles.

The list below is the links to the official social media of IMPC Ghana:
1. Facebook:

2. Twitter:

3. Instagram:

How To Get Help From IPMC Ghana Through LiveChat

The following step is a guide to how one can reach IPMC Ghana.

⦁ Visit the IPMC Ghana website by clicking this link

⦁ Locate the LiveChat button at the right bottom corner of the screen

⦁ Click on the LiveChat bottom.

⦁ Make your queries

⦁ A representative will chat you back to be of assistance to you.

That is the information at our disposal on how to contact IPMC Ghana.

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