How To Contact Infinix Ghana – 2023 Cal Care Contact Number

Do you wish to open an Infinix shop in Ghana? Or, you want to make inquiries on Infinix products and services but don’t know whom to contact. Then, the right place to make your query is to contact Infinix Ghana.

Therefore, the purpose of this article has been dedicated to guiding our readers on how to contact Infinix Ghana.

Infinix was founded in 2013 by Sagem Wireless, Transsion Holdings. The company produces smart devices that stand out among other brands of mobile devices.

Infinix company produces smart devices such as phones and TVs, and products come in good quality and shape.

The good services and quality products produced are helping the Infinix company gain more ground on the African market and the world.

Infinix currently operates in 22 countries worldwide, including countries from Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia.

Do you want to make a query on the availability of an Infinix product?

Or you want to stock your shop with Infinix devices?

What is your query then, and who is to contact for assistance?

Then, I will encourage you to keep reading because how to contact Infinix Ghana is discussed below in this article.

How To Contact Infinix Ghana

Infinix Ghana has provided different communication mediums that customers can pass through to contact the company for assistance. The available ways to reach out to Infinix Ghana are:

1. Email

2. Social Media

How To Contact Infinix Ghana Through Email

Infinix Ghana has provided three (3) types of emails, each for a specific operation.

Therefore, before you think of contacting Infinix Ghana, know the kind of query you are making and the right email to forward your query to the company.

Below are the types of emails available to make your queries through:

Infinix Business Contact Emails: If you want to have business cooperation with Infinix, contact the company through the following emails:

1. Be A Distributor Email:

2. Be A Supplier Email:

Please note that your choice of the email should correspond with the kind of business you want to have with Infinix.

Infinix Product and Technical Support Email: If you need assistance from Infinix concerning their products, then you’ll have to make your query through this email:

Media Contact Email: As a customer, if you want to reach out to the global media relations team of Infinix, then contact the team through this email:

How To Contact Infinix Ghana Through Social Media

Before you think of making your queries through social media, be sure you’re contacting the company through their official social media handle.

Below is a list of link to the official social media handles of Infinix Ghana:

1. Facebook:

2. Twitter:

3. Youtube:

4. Instagram:

Addresses & Contacts  Of Infinix Stores In Ghana

Franko Trading Takoradi Branch

Address: near poly trotro station

Phone Number: 0249902589

West Rock Branch

Address: market circle

Phone Number: 0243472620

Franko Trading Tarkwa Branch

Address: Shell filling station

Phone Number: 0267207875

Frank Phones Kasoa Branch

Address: Kasoa Bus Stop

Phone Number: 0208331071

Franko Trading Kasoa Branch

Address: Kasoa post office

Phone number: 0244686778

Telefonica West Hills Mall Branch

Address: West Hills Mall

Phone Number: 0240449363

Up To Date Main Shop Odorkor Branch

Address: Odorkor bus stop

Phone number: 0249124474

Franko Trading Circle Annex Branch

Address: Circle Odo Rice

Phone Number: 0261506861

Mobile Forest Circle Branch

Address: Circle tiptoe lane

Phone Number: 0548160036

Mobile Zone Circle Mall Branch

Address: Circle tiptoe lane

Phone Number: 0277402013

Planet Telecom Branch

Address: Circle tiptoe lane

Phone number: 0243155231

Franko Trading Adabraka Branch

Adress: Adabraka opposite Roxy cinema
Phone Number: 0224475350

Sic Mall Accra Branch

Address: Sic mall Accra

Phone number: 0243182118

Franko Trading Osu Branch

Address: Oxford Street, adjacent eco bank

Phone Number: 0249613659

Mobile Zone Accra Mall Branch

Address: Accra mall gate 1, Tetteh Quashie

Phone number: 0273238775

Jake Phones Branch

Address: Madina Zongo Junction

Phone number: 0267212337

Franko Trading Madina Branch

Address: Madina post office

Phone Number: 0241184688

12 Achimota Mall Branch

Address: Achimota mall

Phone number: 0243355932

Franko Trading Koforidua Branch

Address: Koforidua Lorry Station, All Nations Road

Phone Number: 0268313323

Franko Trading Cape Coast Branch

Address: Cape coast, 41 Kotokoraba street

Phone number: 0264212339

That is the information we have for you on how to contact Infinix Ghana.

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