How To Contact LG Ghana Customer Care: Find The LG Showroom Contact Number In Accra

Do you own an LG appliance in your home? Maybe you are looking for LG products to buy in Ghana. Then you must contact the LG representative in Ghana. Here in this guide, we shall give you the LG Ghana contact number.

LG brand is one of the biggest brands in producing electronic appliances, including tv, air conditioners, microwave, refrigerators, dishwashers, Home Theatres, and many more.

You will agree with me that LG products are of the best quality and very affordable.

However, no matter where you are around the globe, you can get an LG appliance to buy for your home.

Also, you can contact LG representatives in your countries and make inquiries about their latest products.

In Africa, LG has an office across almost all the countries, so if you are in Ghana, we shall give you the LG Ghana service center contact number in this guide.

You can reach them regarding any issues or queries about LG products in Ghana.

Where To Locate LG Ghana Office

LG has a representative in Ghana that deals in all LG products of all kinds.

It is imperative to contact the LG customer Customer care center in Ghana to get full details about any of their appliances and making business with them.

The best way is to visit the LG Ghana office in Accra. Here is the address of the LG Ghana office: Behind Orca Deco, Spintex Road, Accra- Ghana.

Working Hours Of LG Ghana Service Center

The LG Delight Care Service center in Ghana is available throughout the week, even on weekends, except on Sundays, which is closed.

The LG Ghana Office opens from 8:00am – 6:00pm from Monday to Friday. Also, on weekends the LG Service center in Ghana opens from 8:00am – 2:00pm.

What Is The Contact Number For LG Ghana Customer Care

Maybe you want to buy an LG appliance in Ghana in large or small quantities.

You can reach LG Ghana by telephone to schedule an appointment.

You can also get spare parts of LG products from the LG office in Accra. Here are the contact numbers of the LG Ghana office:

+233550 780 779


Other Ways To Contact LG Ghana

You can also contact LG Ghana on Whatsapp, email, and many more. Remember, there are many stores out there that sell LG products.

Therefore you must make sure you are reaching the actual LG representative in Ghana.

Aside from calling them on the phone, you can also reach them via email and WhatsApp. Below are the email address and Whatsapp number of LG Ghana:


Whatsapp: +2348058899908

How To Reach LG Customer Care Through Social Media

Apart from contacting the customer care center, LG offers support services to its customer through popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many more.

It is important to ensure you follow LG’s official social media pages to avoid reaching the wrong teams. Below are the real official social media pages of LG:






That is all we have for you about the LG Ghana contact number.

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