How To Contact Malta Embassy In Ghana – Address, Contact Number, & Email

If you have the love to explore the world, we guess visiting a country with ancient tourist sites and cities will be one of the best experiences in a lifetime. Therefore, to have a feel of ancient history, contact the Malta Embassy in Ghana.

Reaching out to Malta Embassy in Ghana might be a difficult task to many, but at the end of this simple guide, we promise you’ll have easy access to the Embassy without difficulties.

Therefore, we strongly implore you to keep reading because the information you seek is discussed below in this article.

Malta Embassy in Ghana acts as an intermediary between Ghana and Malta, regulating the procedures and requirements to meet to enable one to gain entrance into Malta.

Malta is well known for being one of the most densely populated countries in the world, with a population of over 423,000.
Malta is also well known for its ancient cities with lovely photogenic features. The country’s capital Valletta is one of the UNESCO cultural heritage sites.

Therefore, to have a legal trip to Malta for your Passport or Visa related issues and any other challenges, don’t hesitate to contact Malta Embassy in Ghana for assistance because the Embassy holds the solution to your challenges.

Head Office Of Malta Embassy In Ghana

The head office of the Malta Embassy in Ghana can be located in Accra, and if there’s the need to visit the office for your travel documentation or any form of assistance, use the address below:

Block A, Octagon building, Barnes Road, Accra

Postal Address: P.O. Box AD330

Working Days And Hours Of The Malta Embassy In Ghana

The head office of the Malta Embassy operates from Monday – Friday between 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM.

Therefore, ensure that your contact with the office must correspond with the days and hours of office operations.

What Is The Contact Number Of the Malta Embassy In Ghana

Make contact with the Malta Embassy by placing a call to the office contact number below:

024 242 0805

Make sure your call to the Embassy corresponds with the days and hours of office operations to help get answers on time as preferred.

What Is The Email Address Of The Malta Embassy In Ghana

Make your simplified or detailed queries to the Embassy of Malta in Ghana through the email

Always make sure your queries are sent through the right email address to prevent delivering your concerns to the wrong destination.

How To Contact The Malta Embassy In Ghana Through Social Media

The Malta Embassy in Ghana has provided an official social media handle to help people who are familiar with making queries through social media connect with the Embassy.

Below is the available official social media handle of the Malta Embassy In Ghana:


This is the information available on how to contact Malta Embassy in Ghana.

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