How To Contact Micheletti Ghana – Location, Phone Number, & Email

Are you in dire need of a building and construction company that can plan, design, build your company structure, and provide a lifetime service to your building? Then, to locate a company with such an amazing building and construction service in Ghana, contact Micheletti Ghana.

At the end of this guide, contacting Micheletti Ghana will be a cakewalk because the article informs our readers on how to contact Micheletti Ghana.

So, we implore you to keep reading because the contact information of Micheletti Ghana is discussed below in this guide.

Micheletti has helped in the building of Ghana since 1955 and was founded by F. Micheletti. And the company is a civil engineering and building construction company whose operations involve planning, designing, and building projects to the highest satisfaction of clients.

Also, the company provides comprehensive service throughout the entire life cycle of the project, and to get such a service from a building construction company is hard to find, which puts Micheletti Ghana ahead of all.

You might have a lot of queries to make, which might include the kind of services the company provides, the cost involve, where they build, general inquiries, and many others.

Then, never waver in contacting Micheletti Ghana because they hold the answers to your concerns.

Head Office Of Micheletti Ghana

The head office of Micheletti Ghana can be located in Accra, and to visit the office for inquiries, use the address below:

Pantang Abokobi Rd, Adenta Municipality, Accra

Postal Address: PMB 281

What Is The Contact Number Of Micheletti Ghana

One of the best ways to make your queries is through the verbal form, and the only way to do that is to make physical contact or place a call to the office for assistance.

Therefore, make your verbal queries to Micheletti Ghana by placing a call to the office contact numbers provided below:

+233 030 2511 561

+233 030 2976 535

+233 302 511 555

What Is The Email Address Of Micheletti Ghana

To deliver your nonverbal queries to Micheletti Ghana, one of the best communication channels to use is delivering through email.

Always ensure that your queries are sent through the right email to prevent making a blank contact with the office.

How To Contact Micheletti Ghana Through Social Media

The Micheletti company in Ghana has made provisions for social media handles to enable clients to connect and make queries to the company.

Before delivering your query through social media, always ensure that your concerns are sent through the right handle to prevent making contact with the wrong handle.

Below are the available official social media handles of Micheletti Ghana:


Website Of Micheletti Ghana

Visit the Micheletti Ghana website to have a view of the company’s completed projects since its operations in Ghana, check about the company, and many other features that come with the website.

That is the information we can provide on how to contact Micheletti Ghana.

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  1. I will like to do my industrial attachment with your company , I try calling the office but my was not answered. Please if the company can help me by doing my attachment here . I am a student of Koforidua Technical University, offering HND in Building Technology. Thank you.


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