How To Contact Nasco Ghana – Contact Number, Location Address & Email

Are you thinking of purchasing a Nasco product but need to make inquiries on the company’s products and services? Maybe you are facing a problem with the a tv you just bought from Nasco, then the right source to contact for your queries is Nasco Ghana.

Therefore we have devoted the purpose of this guide to how you can contact Nasco Ghana.

Nasco Ghana is also known as Electroland Ghana Limited. The company deals in varieties of television, air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines, gas cookers, display fridges, small kitchen appliances, ABB electricals, and mobile phones.

Electroland Ghana Limited is the largest distributor or supplier of Samsung, Midea, Toshiba, ABB electricals, and brand owners of NASCO electronics in Ghana.

Their mission is to maintain the position as a leader in the distribution and retail of innovative brands at the best price and with the help of good sales service from its expertise employees.

Also, the company has a vision of becoming Ghana’s most customer-centric company that deals in electronics and appliances with nationwide coverage through their good products and services.

Many questions keep running through consumers’ minds, and some want to know about pricing, others about available products, and many want to know how to contact Nasco Ghana. But how do you make your queries to Electroland Ghana Limited?

Yes, the right place to seek answers is to contact Nasco Ghana, and we urge you to keep reading because the contacts of Nasco Ghana await you below.

Head Office Of Nasco Ghana

Even though the company has over 20 showrooms across the country, but the main head office can be found in Accra.

Below is the address to the Nasco head office in Ghana:

Electroland Ghana Limited – Spintex, Accra, Ghana.

Working Days And Hours Of Electroland Ghana Limited (Nasco)

Before you think of contacting the Nasco Ghana office for help, the working days and hours of the company must be first considered to prevent making empty contacts to the company.

You might worry about the company not being reliable to its customers, but the real reason for the failed contact to the company is the wrong timing of your queries to the Nasco office.

Nasco Ghana operates from Monday – Friday and works within the hours of 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM.

Business operation commences on Saturdays between 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM.

How To Contact Nasco Ghana

Electroland Ghana Limited has provided its customers with varieties of communication mediums through which they can be of assistance to customer’s queries.

The available medium through which one can contact Nasco Ghana includes office call center, email, and social media.

Contact Numbers Of Nasco Ghana

To contact Nasco Ghana for help, the best way is to place a call to the company’s office for assistance.

Below are the contact numbers of Nasco Ghana:

+233 30 221 1318

+233 30 281 7555

How To Contact Nasco Ghana Through Email

To make your queries a simplified and easy way, then contacting Nasco Ghana through email has to be considered.

The following are all the official email address of Electroland Ghana Limited (Nasco):




Also, Nasco Ghana can be contacted through email by this the procedure below:

1. Visit the Electroland Ghana Limited contact website by clicking on this link

2. When the site loads, scroll down to locate the contact us form

3. Fill in the details of the form

4. Click on send your message

5. You’ll receive a reply through the email you produced when filling the form

How To Contact Nasco Ghana On Social Media

In recent times, social media platforms are one of the simplest and best ways to choose when contacting businesses and offices.

Nasco Ghana has provided its customers with various social media handles to help provide good services.

But before you think of contacting the company through social media, you’ll have to ensure that you’re getting in touch with the right company’s social media handle.

That is because people from the wrong source can create social media handles in the company’s name.

Here is a list of all official Nasco Ghana social media handles:

1. Facebook:

2. Instagram:

3. Twitter:

That is the information we have for you on how to contact Nasco Ghana.

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