How to stake SOMM tokens (Sommelier)

In this guide I will show you how to stake SOMM tokens (Sommelier) using the popular Keplr wallet.

Where to get SOMM tokens?

The most popular way is to exchange for SOMM tokens on Osmosis:

Go to Osmosis and connect your Keplr wallet. Deposit ATOM or any other available tokens into the Osmosis app.Swap for SOMM.After that on the Assets tab withdraw your $SOMM tokens to your Keplr wallet.

How to stake SOMM

After you withdraw SOMM tokens from Osmosis, in the Keplr wallet switch to Sommelier in the network switching drop-down menu:

You will see the balance of Somm tokens:

Click the Stake button to go to the Keplr Dashboard or click this link to go directly to the Sr20de validator.

To delegate, select the Sr20de validator from the list and click Manage:

Choose how much Somm tokens you want to stake (delegate) and click the Delegate button:

Confirm the transaction in the Keplr wallet.

Congratulations! You are now a Somm staker!

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