How To Contact Absa Customer Care In Botswana – Follow This Service Guide

Are you struggling to contact Absa Bank customer care in Botswana? Well, it can be frustrating when you are making a transaction, and it is either not going through, or at worst, you can’t access any of the banking and finance products by the bank.

If you encounter any of these issues and even more, please take a deep breath and keep reading.

We are going to show you all the possible ways to contact Absa customer care in Botswana.

Follow this guide to get the assistance you need:

Contact Absa Customer Care by Visiting A Nearby Branch

Hoow to get help from Absa Bank in Botswana
Absa Botswana Contact Numbers

Yes, one of the most comfortable ways to get help from the Absa Bank customer service center in Botswana is by visiting a branch near you.

This is the surest way to report your issues to the Absa customer care team at the banking hall.

Truth be told, you can call the help desk on the phone or send them an email message, but the best way to resolve them is to go to the banking hall in person.

This way, you will get to speak with the customer care personnel who can, therefore, assess your situation and offer the best services to solve your problem.

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Call The Absa Official Phone Numbers

You can call the Absa bank customer care on the following telephone numbers:

Absa Bank Botswana Customer Contact Centre

The following are the contact details:

Phone Number: +267 315 9575

BTC toll-free: 0800 600 444

Mascom toll-free: 150

Fax: +267 395 9780

For general Issues, Call The Customer Support On These Numbers:

Phone Number: +267 391 2129

Fax: +267 395 9780

Toll-free: 080 033 3333

You can also contact Absa customer care at this email address:

Commercial Contact Centre

For commercial purposes, you can call the customer support team on the following number:

  • +267 315 9524
  • +267 395 9780
  • 080 060 0783 (Toll-Free)

Also, email messages for commercial transactions must be sent to this address:

Corporate Services Centre

You can contact the Absa Botswana corporate service center customer care on the numbers below:

Phone number: +267 398 7165,

Fax: +267 350 0522.

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How To Contact Absa Bank For Premier Services

Absa customer care in Botswana and all over Africa offer premier services. As a result, they have dedicated contact numbers for each and every premier service customer.

In most of the Absa branches in Botswana, you can contact the support team and get assistance if you have a problem with their premier services.

Contact Absa customer care for help on premier services on the following phone numbers:

  1. Carbo Premier contact number: +267 318 8712.
  2. Orapa Premier contact number: +267 297 1277.
  3. Francistown Premier contact number: +267 241 9336.
  4. Game City Premier contact number: +267 318 0061.
  5. Airport Junction Premier contact number: +267 317 0502.

You can call any of the phone numbers above for Absa Premier services.

Absa Botswana Vehicle and Asset Finance

For Absa vehicle and asset finance, contact the customer care on these numbers:

  • +267 367 2898.
  • +267 367 2882.

Those are the Absa Botswana Vehicle and asset finance helpline.

Collections and Recoveries

Phone number: +267 363 3989.

Switchboard: +267 363 3900.

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How To Contact Absa Customer Care For Loan Services

You can contact the Absa customer service center if you have issues with any of the loan services.

Home Loans

If you need to register for the Absa Botswana Home Loan product or are an existing customer who is having challenges with the service, call the following telephone numbers:

  • + 267 367 2882
  • + 267 398 5402

Personal Loans

Phone numbers are +267 398 5476 and +267 398 5402.

For marketing and corporate relations in Botswana, call this number: +267 3633 900.

Scheme Loans

Here is the list of phone numbers you can use to contact the Absa customer care in Botswana:

  1. +267 363 3984
  2. +267 360 1410
  3. +267 367 6010
  4. +267 367 3999
  5. +267 367 1410
  6. +267 367 2887
  7. + 267 2425553 (Francistown)

The numbers above are the Absa Botswana customer care helplines for scheme loans.

What You Should Know When Contacting The Customer Care In Botswana

Make the following available when opening an account with Absa bank:

1. National Identification Card (Omang).

2. Proof of address.

3. Passport and work permit for non-citizens.

4. Proof of income.

5. When you are going to Collect your card, make sure you have the following available:

6. National Identity Card (Omang).

7. Passport and work permit for non-citizens.

Those are the requirements you will need if you want to contact Absa customer care in Botswana.

Contact Absa Customer Care On Social Media

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That is all you need to know about the Absa Botswana customer care service contact numbers.

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