How To Contact Jumia Customer Care In Ghana – Follow This Simple Guide

Have you purchased an item online on Jumia but had issues with it or you just want to know how to contact Jumia customer care in Ghana? Don’t worry since there is a way out of this dilemma.

A comprehensive survey being taken the past seasons has indicated that the majority of the potential users of Ghana e-commerce platforms tend to face odd challenges in contacting their respective customer service units.

This is particularly with regard to query and technical issues. An innumerable example is how to contact Jumia Customer Care in Ghana these days.

Are you a helpless victim to the above complications?

Do you find it difficult, reporting issues, and making clarifications with Jumia Customer Service in Ghana?

Don’t be stressed up, as I am about to give a complete solution on how to contact Jumia customer care in Ghana.

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What You Need To Know Before You Contact Jumia Customer Care In Ghana

The most important things you need to consider before contacting Jumia customer care is their working days and hours, Jumia officially works from Mondays – Fridays between the hours of 8:30 am – 5:30 pm.

If for any particular reason, you want to contact Jumia during their non – working days/public holidays, you would have to send a request using their online form. A response would be reverted within two working days.

Where Is Jumia Head Office In Ghana

Have you ever wondered in any way if some of these e-commerce companies in Ghana have a physical location?

Well, the answer is YES!

Jumia Ghana has a head office located in the Evita building at East Legon opposite the Best Point Savings and loans, formerly known as American House Boundary Road, Accra.

Other sales outlets can be found in other regions as well.

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Official Phone Numbers To Call Jumia Ghana

Do you need an active Jumia Customer Care contact to lodge a complaint or make a request? Jumia Ghana ideally, operates virtually with clients via their website.

Due to the nature of their online business operations, they are in regular contact with both buyers and sellers.

Therefore making it vital for anyone who wants to use Jumia business to have their contact number.

The following are the official phone numbers of Jumia Ghana:

You can call any of the telephone numbers above to contact Jumia customer care in Ghana.

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How To Contact Jumia Customer Care To Return Item Purchased

Contact Jumia Ghana customer service for help
Jumia Customer Support

Contacting Jumia Customer Service to return purchased goods is a daunting task for many.

Have you purchased an item on Jumia which you want to return so badly due to some reasons?

Are you finding it difficult to place a return order?

Keep calm since you can to get your order returned safely.

Follow these steps to return your purchased items or goods to Jumia:

  1. Call the customer care on +233 302 740 630 or send an email to “” to create your return.
  2. Pack the product according to how it was received.
  3. Make sure you include all accessories and tags with gifts (if any)
  4. If you requested a pick-up, you would receive a call to arrange a pick-up time.
  5. If you selected a drop-off, then you would have to drop the item at the chosen place.
  6. NB: You don’t pay for shipping charges.

Just follow the simple guide above to contact Jumia Customer Care in Ghana.

That is how you can return your product bought on Jumia.

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How To Contact Jumia Customer Care Ghana On Social Media/Email/Chat/WhatsApp

Jumia Ghana has other means of contacting them, aside from their official phone number.

You can reach Jumia Ghana through the following options:

1. You can visit the Jumia Ghana Facebook page.

2. You can visit the Jumia Ghana Twitter page.

3. Jumia food Ghana email:

4. Jumia customer service: or

Unfortunately, Jumia Ghana does not have any official phone number for WhatsApp.

However, you can reach them through the above means.

Does Jumia Work On Sundays

Jumia has express delivery services for some countries and they work on Sundays.

In Ghana, however, Jumia does not open its offices on Sunday. That notwithstanding, you can still shop on their website and have your goods delivered without any challenges.

It is only the customer care service unit that is not open on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays).

That is all you need to know about the Jumia Ghana customer care service guide.

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  1. Good morning jumia Ghana……We placed an order for Mega growth set last week Tuesday.
    We haven’t heard anything since then and the person who made the order is out of the country now but I have all details to claim the order, What are the steps to take please?

  2. Hello Jumia Ghana, I place an order but when I went to the receiving point I was told they are no more working with jumia and I have call all your numbers but it’s not going through (+233302740630, ….640, …..642) pls help me

  3. Please,I have made an order for an items and almost getting to a month now I have not received them.I needed them for my business too.let me know the situation and why I am not getting them as at now.

  4. Please, I am SOLOMON ACKON and I ordered for weight-reducing waist belt,I received the package today if I on it, it doesn’t work. Please what should I do so that it will work?.


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