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How To Contact Absa Customer Care In Zambia – Ultimate Customer Support Service

Do you have questions, queries, or encountering any banking problem and searching how to contact Absa Customer Care in Zambia?

We’ve created this guide for you to contact the Absa Bank Zambia customer service.

If you have any questions following the recent rebranding, about your account, Absa Bank Zambia products, and services, then contacting customer care will give you all the answers and address your issue.

There are several ways of contacting Absa Bank Zambia customer care, and we have enumerated all these means in this guide.

You will find it important as it is explained in terms you can understand.

What You Need To Know About Absa Bank Zambia & The Customer Support

Absa Bank Zambia Plc, formerly recognized as Barclays Bank of Zambia, is among Zambia’s commercial banks.

Absa bank Zambia has been operating in the country since 1918, but it was licensed in its today form in 1974 by the Bank of Zambia, the central bank and national banking regulator.

The bank is among the leading banking and financial institutions in Zambia.

It serves to meet all categories of people in the economy, ranging from large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, and individuals to government departments.

The bank offers various services ranging from Personal Banking, Premier Banking, Business Banking, Corporate and Investment Banking to Digital Banking.

Over these years, it has gained customers, and they have established customer care services to care for all of them.

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How To Contact Absa Customer Care In Zambia

There are several ways to contact the Absa bank Zambia customer care service, as I mentioned.

Among the several ways of contacting the customer care, the easiest way is to visit any of the Absa branches in Zambia.

Another convenient way is to call the official Absa Zambia customer care telephone numbers.

Absa bank in Zambia has made it easy for all its customers to call for free using the toll-free numbers on MTN or Airtel network.

It is vital to keep in mind if you would like to contact the Absa Zambia customer care, the working hours.

The Absa Zambia customer care operating hours are as from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm from Mondays to Saturdays.

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Here Are The Absa Zambia Customer Service Contact Numbers

Here are the Absa Zambia customer care contact numbers:

Mobile phone: +260 (211) 366100, +260 (211) 366225

Operating hours 08:00-16:45

For customers in the diaspora:

Mobile phone: +27 11 501 5201

Email address:

Absa Zambia Customer Contact Centre

Telephone: 5950 (You can toll-free on MTN and Airtel, but if you use Zamtel Standard rates apply).

Operating hours: 08:00-18:00

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Get Help From Abroad

You can contact the Absa Zambia customer service from abroad on the following telephone numbers: +260 977 912 027 or +260 211 366223 or +260 211 366230-1.

Working hours: Monday – Friday: 08:00–18:00

Saturday: 08:00–18:00

Absa Bank Zambia PLC Head Office Contact

Telephone: Switchboard – + (260) (211) 366 150/169

Fax: + (260) (211) 225553

Address: Elunda Office Park, Plot 4643 / 4644, Private Bag E308, Addis Ababa roundabout, Rhodes Park, Lusaka

Absa Bank Zambia PLC

Telephone: Switchboard – + 260 (211) 366 100/149

Fax: + 260 (211) 225553

Address: Kafue House, PO Box 31936, Cairo Road, Lusaka, Zambia.

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Absa Zambia Corporate Banking Director

You can contact the Absa Bank Zambia customer care on the following phone numbers: +260 (211) 224735/235866

Fax: +260 (211) 225553

Absa Zambia Head of Trade Finance Customer Care Contact

Contact the Absa head of trade finance on this Mobile Phone number: +260 (211) 366150/Ext 1098.

Fax: 225553 228267 (direct line)

Absa Zambia Cash Management Customer Care

You can get help from the Abasa Zambia Cash management team on these contact numbers: +260 (211) 366150 Ext 1084.

Fax: +260 (211) 225553

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Absa Zambia Vehicle & Asset Finance

For vehicle and asset finance, contact the Absa Zambia support service on these telephone numbers: +260 (211) 224738/366150

Fax: 225553

Absa Zambia Head of Business Banking & SME

Mobile Phone number: +260 (211) 366150/169 Ext 1070

Direct line: +260 (211) 225553

Absa Zambia Country Treasurer

Customer care contact numbers: +260 (211) 221 864/238 875/222 004

Direct line: +260 (211) 225553

Absa Zambia Head of Marketing & Corporate Relations

One of the fastest and easiest ways to contact Absa Bank Zambia customer care is by calling this number; + (260) (211) 366150.

Fax: + (260) (211) 226185

How to contact Absa Customer Care in Zambia through social media

You can as well as connect to Absa bank Zambia customer care through social media channels. Absa bank Zambia is available on the popular social media platforms.

Here are the official social media accounts where you can get help from the Absa Zambia customer support.

Their Facebook page is

You can follow Absa Zambia customer service on twitter here:


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