How To Contact KLM Ghana, 2023 Address, & Office Location

Do you wish to go on vacation overseas? Maybe you’ve chosen your destination for the coming vacation and want to find out if it’s possible to get a flight from Ghana to your destination. The best place to get information is to contact KLM Ghana.

Therefore, we have dedicated this guide to share with you how to reach KLM Ghana for your queries.

KLM Ghana provides good airline services to its customers from all walks of life.

It is considered the oldest and most valued airline company globally and provides affordable services to its customers around the world.

Maybe you want to check on the details of your flight.

Are you ready to check in?

Maybe you want to refund or rebook due to flight disruption.

Do you want information about your flight status, book online, tickets, and other queries you want to make?

Then, don’t hesitate to reach KLM Ghana. The company is ever ready to assist you any time you make contact with the company.

Therefore, we urge you to keep reading because the contact information of KLM Ghana is discussed below in this article.

KLM Ghana Office Location

Maybe you need more information about their services including booking, corporate affairs, and many others, you can visit their main head office in Accra.

Here is the address to KLM Ghana Office location: Kotoka International Airport, Behind Domestic Terminal 1

How To Contact KLM In Ghana

The KLM company has created several mediums of communication between the company and customers to enable direct contact with customers.

These communication mediums will help customers make their queries to the company at their convenience location without physical contact with the KLM office.

The KLM Company in Ghana can be contacted through the following mediums:

1. Email

2. Telephone

3. Social Media

What Is The Contact Numbers Of KLM Ghana Call Center

To make a detailed query to the KLM Ghana, placing a call to the company’s call center is the best choice to make. That will help you make a detailed explanation of your queries, and you’ll also receive a detailed verbal explanation of your queries.

Below are the official contact numbers of KLM Ghana:

⦁ +233-302-763261

⦁ +233-302-763262

Those are their official contact numbers you can call for assistance.

How To Reach KLM Ghana Through Email

To make a simplified query to the KLM Ghana office, the use of email is the perfect choice to make.

All you must ensure is that you are making your query to the right email address of the company, and you’ll receive an immediate response from KLM Ghana assisting you to your satisfaction.

Contact KLM Ghana through this email address:

How To Contact KLM Ghana Through Social Media

Social media has taken over the world as the best means of connecting with friends and families, businesses, and offices.

Therefore, KLM Ghana has provided various social media handles to customers to ease contact pressures through one medium.

The list of links below are the official social media handles of KLM Ghana:

1. Facebook:

2. Twitter:

3. Linkedin:

4. Messenger:

5. Whatsapp:

That is the information at our disposal on how to contact KLM Ghana.

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