How To Contact KiKUU Ghana Office Number, Email, Address (2023)

Are you a lover of e-commerce trading? Maybe, you want to stock your shop with products at affordable prices with a low shipping fee but don’t know where to get these good services. I recommend you contact KiKUU Ghana.

Therefore, this guide is dedicated to how you can contact KiKUU in Ghana to make your queries.

Hangzhou Jiku Information Technology Co., Ltd, also known as KiKUU, was founded in 2015.

KiKUU has created an e-commerce trading platform to help global businesses develop business-to-consumer (B2C) services to consumers in Africa.

With the help of a smartphone, fast internet, and KiKUU app, one can start e-commerce trading with KiKUU. KiKUU, in recent times, operates in 15 African countries.

The KiKUU company’s mission is to provide quality products with good services and affordable pricing of goods and shipment to help the company be the preferred e-commerce trading platform in Africa.

But with all the good services of KiKUU Ghana, there have been challenges faced in trading with KiKUU.

Some users are faced with the delivery of the wrong products, and many don’t know how to return the wrong products to the stores they ordered from.

Others want to make queries on the kind of services the company offers.

But to whom are you to contact?

The best source to get answers to your questions is to contact KiKUU Ghana.

Therefore, we encourage you to keep on reading because the mediums of contacting KiKUU Ghana await you below.

How To Contact KiKUU Ghana

There are many mediums of communication made available to KiKUU users in Ghana to help make their queries to the right department.

You can choose between the following to get in touch with KiKUU for assistance:

1. Phone number

2. Email

3. Social media

4. Livechat

You can use any of the mediums above to reach them for help, but you must ensure you do that during their regular working hours.

What Is The Contact Number Of KiKUU Ghana

KiKUU Ghana has made available a phone number for users to make their queries through, and placing a call to the KiKUU office in Ghana is the best option to choose first when you want to make queries to the company.

The official contact number of KiKUU Ghana is:  +2332083701062

Dial 02083701062 to place a call to KiKUU Ghana for assistance.

How To Contact KiKUU Ghana Through Email

The best way to make your queries in a simplified form is to contact the company through their official email.

The email address of KiKUU Ghana is

How To Reach KiKUU Ghana Through Social Media

The KiKUU company has made available a series of social media handles for social media users in Ghana, and it is easier to reach KiKUU through social media.

One has to be vigilant when contacting the company through social media.

This is because many accounts come in the name of the company.

Therefore, knowing the official social media handles of KiKUU is the best thing to do.

Below are the official social media handles of KiKUU Ghana:

⦁ Facebook:

⦁ Whatsapp:

How To Contact KiKUU Ghana Through LiveChat

Follow the procedure below to make your queries through LiveChat:

1. Visit the KiKUU Ghana contact website by clicking on this link

2. Locate the LiveChat button at the bottom right corner of your screen

3. Click on the chat button

4. Fill in the details

5. Click on send message

6. You’ll receive a reply through the email provided when filling the form.

That is the information we have at our disposal on how to contact KiKUU Ghana.

3 thoughts on “How To Contact KiKUU Ghana Office Number, Email, Address (2023)”

  1. You guys are very incompetent. I mean how. I’ve ordered a product from kikuu for more than two months and I haven’t received my products. The delivery guy called me buh missed me, I called him after like two mins buh he wasn’t reachable. I kept calling till I reached him and this is the stupid thing he told me, ” I’ll bring your products to you when I get Abt 70 orders.” I mean how. Two weeks came and I was getting impatient, I’ve been calling everyone there buh they seem to ignore my call. Please it’s either you refund my money of give me what I ordered for. And I’m not ordering anything from there if that’s the treatment I get.

  2. Hello, please I have ordered an item for almost two months now.
    I even paid air fee not sea fee and till date, no one has called
    I managed myself to get your number online, first the call was picked and was told by the close of next week I will get my item.
    Till date, no one has called me again, even the number I contacted last time isn’t going through


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