How To Contact Latex Foam Office In Ghana, Location, Contact Numbers

Are you thinking of putting an end to your sleepless night? Maybe, you feel pain all over your body when you wake up from sleep. There’s the need to find a solution to your problem, but whom should you can contact. The perfect source to help solve your problems is to contact Latex Foam office in Ghana.

Therefore, this guide is dedicated to how you can contact Latex Foam in Ghana to make your queries about their products and services.

The Latex Foam Ghana was established on March 08, 1969, to produce quality foam products for the bedding and furniture industry. In 1972, the company started producing interior spring mattresses.

Latex Foam is the leading manufacturer of foam products in Ghana and West Africa.

The company’s sole mission is to produce quality foam products to deliver comfort in using your beds and furniture.

The Latex Foam Company in Ghana produces varieties of foam products, and they include:

1. Prestige Pocketed Spring Mattress

2. Orthopaedic Honeymoon Spring Mattress

3. Ultraflex Foam Mattress

4. Honey Comb Foam Mattress

5. High-Density Honeymoon Foam Mattress

6. Princess Honeymoon Spring Mattress

7. Anti-Stress Memory Foam Mattress

8. Ultra Firm Foam Mattress

9. Super High-Density Honeymoon Foam Mattress

10. Standard Density Honeymoon Foam Mattress

1. Anti-Stress Pillow

2. Ultraflex Pillow

3. Dona Pillow

4. Foam Pillow

5. Maternity Body Pillow

6. Honeycomb Pillow

7. Orthopaedic Pillow

8. Dona Compressed Pillow

9. Micro Pillow

10. Throw Pillow

1. Upholstered Divan Bed

2. Divan Bed

1. Duvet

2. Cotton Bed Sheet

3. Towels

4. Mattress Topper

1. Sofa Bed

2. Sofa Set

Checking through the foam products of the Latex Foam Company in Ghana, I guess you are marveled to see the kind of products they are producing.

Therefore, I encourage you to keep reading because the information on how to contact Latex Foam Ghana awaits you below.

Where To Locate The Head Office Of Latex Foam Ghana

To venture into the Latex Foam business in Ghana, there will be the need to visit the latex foam head office for reasonable pricing when stocking your shop. The Latex Foam head office can be found in Accra, and below is the head office address:

Dadeban Road, North Industrial Area, Kaneshie

Also, here is their postal address: P.O. box. 533, Accra, Ghana

You can visit any of their showrooms nationwide to have a look at their numerous mattresses and many more.

Working Days And Hours Of Latex Foam Ghana

To contact the Latex Foam office to make your queries, one must first consider the day and hour of contacting the office.

That is to prevent making empty contact with the office.

Latex Foam Ghana office operates from Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Also on Saturdays, between the hours of 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM.

How To Contact Latex Foam Office In Ghana

The Latex Foam Company has provided multiple channels through which customers can contact their office to make their queries.

The means of contacting the Latex Foam office can be done through the following communication medium:

⦁ Contact Numbers

⦁ Social Media

What Is The Contact Number Of Latex Foam Ghana

Placing a call to the Latex Foam office is the best way to make your queries. Therefore, the following contact numbers are the official numbers to reach the company’s office:

⦁ Telephone: +233 (302) 231155-62,

+233 (302) 223107

+233 (302) 222189

⦁ Fax: +233 (302) 220059

How To Contact Latex Foam Ghana Through Social Media

You can follow the company’s official social media handles by clicking on the links below, and make your queries:

1. Facebook:

2. Youtube:

Address & Branches  Of Latex Foam In Ghana

Latex Foam Kumasi Branch (Factory)

Plot # 9-11, Block A, Kaase Industrial Area, Kumasi, Ghana

P.O. box. 6444, Kumasi, Ghana

+233 (3220) 29365

+233 (3220) 28319

Latex Foam Tema Showroom

Community 2, Tema, Ghana

+233 (24) 4638937

Latex Foam Sunyani Showroom

Number 1, Traffic Light Pharmacy, Sunyani, Ghana

+233 (352) 024972

Latex Foam Takoradi Showroom

Apremdo Market, Takoradi, Ghana

+233 (20) 8164207

Latex foam Tamale Showroom (Frimpong Yaw)

Bolga road, Tamale, Ghana

+233 (20) 8296917 or +233 (24) 6522205

Latex Foam Ahodwo Showroom

Kumasi, Ghana

+233 (27) 7978767

Latex Foam Tamale Showroom

Central Tamale, Ghana

+233 (24) 2782279

That is all we have for you on how to contact Latex Foam office in Ghana.

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