Azam TV Uganda Customer Care – How To Contact Azam TV Call Center In Uganda

Are you seeking to contact Azam TV Uganda Customer care? We have all the details here in this guide, and we shall give you the full guidelines on how to contact the Azam customer services in Uganda.

Television is one of the most in-demand amenities in every home in Uganda, and now that pay-tv subscriptions have become expensive, we all look for the cheapest option to cut down costs.

Fortunately, Azam has come with one of the most affordable Pay-TV packages ever.

So, if you are in Uganda, you can watch so many live European league competitions on Azam TV.

However, if you are an already existing Azam subscriber, you will agree with a few challenges you always face.

Sometimes your services may not be working, and you can not watch any of their channels.

That happens due to many factors, and since you have no expertise in dealing with that, the best wast is to contact their customer support center for assistance.

Reaching the Azam TV Uganda customer care is just a walk in the park as there are several means you can use to contact them whenever you need help.

But how can you speak with the Azam customer care agent? Read more to find out.

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Head Office Of Azam Tv In Uganda

Maybe you are a dealer or an agent seeking to do business with Azam or buy their products in bulk, and then you must visit their main office for more details.

The main head office of Azam Television is located in Kampala.

Here is the address of Azam TV Uganda head office: Plot 19, Golf Course Road, Lower Kololo.

Again, here is the contact number of Azam TV head office in Uganda: (+256) 417 709900.

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How Do I Contact Azam TV Customer Support

Azam TV Uganda has so many ways to reach them whenever you are facing some challenges that require their assistance.

They are available to you with their customer care call center.

You can reach them on social media as well as contacting them via email.

It is significant to make sure that you have their official contact details anytime you are reaching the Azam TV Uganda customer service.

Azam TV Uganda Customer Care Contact Number

If you want to find the Azam TV customer service number for Uganda, then use the table below:

You must save the Azam contact number above for future reference.

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What Is The Contact Number Azam TV Uganda Customer Care

The main contact number of Azam Television Uganda Customer care is (+256) 417 709900.

Also, you can reach the Azam TV Uganda customer service center on 0414581441.

That is the number you can use to contact Azam in Uganda if you require assistance.

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Email Address Of Azam Television In Uganda

You can also contact Azam Television in Uganda via email. If you have an active internet connection on your phone, you can send all your queries about Azam through email at any time.

Anytime you want to contact Azam through their email, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the right email address of their customer support.

Here is the email address of the Azam TV Uganda Customer care:

How To Contact Azam Television Customer Support On Social Media

Aside from all the traditional ways of reaching the customer service department for help, the new wave is via social media platforms.

The good news is that Azam Tv offers customer care services to their customer on all the popular social media platforms.

Therefore, if you are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and more, and you can contact Azam for help.

Please note that there is some fake page on social media claiming to be Azam TV, so it is important to reach them through their official social media handles.

Below are the social media pages of Azam TV Uganda:

You can follow Azam TV Uganda on Facebook here:

Click here to follow Azam Television Uganda Twitter page:

Here is the Instagram page for Azm TV in Uganda:

Subscribe to the Azm Television Youtube channel here:

That is all we have for you about contacting Azam TV Uganda Customer care.

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