9mobile Customer Care Contact Number In Nigeria, 9mobile Support Helpline

Here is another customer care guide with full details on how to contact 9mobile Customer care in Nigeria. Mobile telecommunication companies serve many people every day. Due to that, it sometimes becomes very difficult to reach the 9mobile Nigeria support team for help.

However, in Nigeria, 9mobile has one of the best customer services, as you can reach them anytime on social media and via their call center.

Maybe you have issues with network connectivity, SIM card problems, and subscriptions.

You can call the 9mobile customer service for help.

How do you speak with 9mobile customer care?

That is what this guide is all about, so keep reading as it unfolds.

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What Is 9mobile Customer Service Number For Nigeria

The 9mobile customer service number is 200.

All customers of 9mobile can contact their customer care for assistance via 200 for free.

That means the 9mobile customer care number is toll-free, and you pay nothing for using it to reach the 9mobile customer call center.

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How Do I Call 9mobile Customer Care In Nigeria?

To contact 9mobile customer care, you must make sure you are reaching them with their official customer service number.

Also, it depends on how you are contacting them.

Suppose you can call from another network you can not call their general customer service number (200), and it may also come with charges.

Follow these steps if you want to call 9mobile customer care in Nigeria:

1. Dial 200 on your phone.

2. Follow the voice prompt and change to your preferred language.

3. You can choose any of the options to get help from the already answered queries.

4. Choose the option to speak to a customer care agent.

5. Wait patiently to be connected to an agent.

That is how you can speak to the 9mobile customer care agent.

Here Are The Contact Numbers For 9mobile Customer Service

9mobile customer care has two numbers you can use to reach them.

Whereas 9mobile customers can use one only to reach the 9monile customer support center as a toll-free number.

The other comes with call charges, and it is meant to be used to reach them from other networks.

Below are the contact numbers of 9mobile customer care in Nigeria:

1. 200

2. (+234) 08090000200 (call from other networks)

Those are the 9mobile customer call center contact numbers.

Other Ways To Contact 9mobile Customer care

There are various ways to contact 9mobile customer service, including through their call center, social media, liver chat, and email.

Besides contacting their call center on the phone, another easiest way is to reach them through email.

Here is the email address of 9mobile customer care: care@9mobile.com.ng.

How To Contact 9mobile Customer Service In Nigeria Via Live Chat

If you want to chat with 9mobile customer care, follow this procedure:

1. Open your browser and visit the 9mobile official website here: https://9mobile.com.ng/.

2. Scroll down to the bottom side of the page.

3. Click on the message icon at the bottom right of the site.

4. Pick a topic and start a chat with a customer care agent.

That is how you can chat with 9mobile customer support.

How Do I Call 9mobile Customer Service From Another Network?

To successfully call 9mobile customer care from another network, follow these steps:

1. Dial 08090000200

2. Follow the prompt and choose an option

3. Wait patiently to be connected to a 9mobile Nigeria customer service personnel.

4. An agent will be ready in a few minutes to help you.

That is how you can contact 9mobile customer service from another network.

How To Contact 9mobile From Abroad

It is interesting, and you can reach 9mobile from outside Nigeria.

You must note that call charges apply if you want to contact 9moble from outside Nigeria or abroad.

If you want to contact 9mobile from outside Nigeria, here is the number to call: +2348090000200.

How To Reach 9mobile Customer Care Via Social Media

You also contact 9mobile on all the popular social media platforms for help, either on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

You can follow 9mobile for the latest updates on services and promotions.

Below are the social media accounts or handles for 9mobile:

1. Twitter: @9MobileNGCare

2. Facebook: @9MobileNG

3. Instagram.com/9mobileng

4. https://Linkedin.com/company/9mobile

That is all we have for you on how to contact the 9mobile Customer care in Nigeria.

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