How To Contact Mpesa Customer Care In Kenya And Get Help Fast

Are you looking for how to contact Mpesa customer care in Kenya? You have come to the right customer service guide because we have this article dedicated to helping you.

M-Pesa is the leading mobile money transfer service in Kenya. If you have queries, questions, or requests about their services, it is best to contact Mpesa customer care.

In case you send mobile money to the wrong person or the wrong Mpesa Till number, the customer care will help you get it back.

There are millions of M-Pesa customers today, and many of you are facing various challenges when using the service.

Because of that, Safaricom Mpesa customer care is dedicated to assisting you anytime you are in need.

Safaricom has even come up with M-Pesa self-customer care services to resolve Mpesa issues faster by dialing the USSD code *234# on your phone.

However, other issues cannot be sorted easily, and you need to contact Mpesa customer care to get the solution.

In this Mpesa customer service guide, you will find all the possible ways to contact the customer support in Kenya to have your M-Pesa query sorted on time.

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How To Contact Mpesa Customer Care In Kenya

There are several ways you can get assistance if you have any challenge with your Safaricom line or even the M-Pesa money transfer service.

Below are the available options to connect with customer care easily.

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How To Contact M-Pesa Customer Care On Phone

The first possible option available to you is to call Mpesa customer care on phone. Safaricom has set out a toll-free number you can use to contact Mpesa customer care 24 hours.

If you would like to speak with the M-Pesa support unit in Kenya, then dial 234.

You have to listen carefully and follow the prompts, such as selecting the right language.

You can also get to talk to Mpesa customer care by dialing 100. It is a toll-free number meant for all Safaricom customer care service.

You have to listen carefully and select the Mpesa services when prompted to do so.

Note to resolve any issues with your Mpesa account, the customer service representative will need to confirm your account details such as full names used to register the M-Pesa account, ID, and your Mpesa balance where necessary.

However, don’t give out your M-Pesa Pin even if the Mpesa customer care representative asks for it.

This is something you must never share with anyone.

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How To Contact Zuri For M-Pesa Queries

Safaricom has advanced its technologies and incorporated (AI) to offer its services to its growing customers.

Today you can chat with Zuri on Whatsapp or telegram to resolve all your Mpesa queries or get advice on what you need to do.

It is an approach meant to solve the growing use of Mpesa and to get quick assistance in case something goes wrong.

To start chatting with Zuri on WhatsApp, add this number to your contacts +254 722 00 100.

Zuri can help you reverse Mpesa transactions without hassle; unlock your Mpesa account, among other Mpesa issues with ease.

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How To Contact Mpesa Customer Service In Kenya Via Social Media

There is no specific social media page dedicated to Mpesa customer care, but you can use the Safaricom social media pages to connect with M-Pesa customer care.

The following are social media channels you can use to get in touch with customer care and have your Mpesa query sorted.

Twitter: and



That is all you need to know about contacting Safaricom Mpesa customer service in Kenya.

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