Standard Chartered Bank Customer Care Contact Number In Nigeria

Are you looking for ways you can contact Standard Chartered Bank Customer care in Nigeria? In today’s guide, we have dedicated this page to give you the full guidelines for reaching the Standard Chartered Customer care in Nigeria for assistance.

As we are all already aware, Standard Chartered is one of the giant banks in Africa’s financial industry.

They have branches in most countries on the African continent.

With Standard Chartered Bank, you can create savings, current, and business accounts.

They have so many financial products for customers, including investments, savings loans, and many more.

However, Standard Chartered Bank values its relationship with its customers and thus provides robust customer services.

Sometimes you may encounter some challenges with transferring funds, withdrawing money, cashing out a check, and creating accounts.

Whichever your query may be, they are ready to assist 24/7.

Because not everyone knows how to reach their customer support for help, we have detailed everything in this guide for you.

So let’s begin with how to contact the bank in Nigeria.

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How Do I Contact Standard Chartered Customer Support

You can use various means to contact Standard Chartered Bank helpline, including their call center, through social media, email address, and many more.

You have an option to contact them from outside Nigeria.

Also, there is a toll-free number you can use to reach them if you are in Nigeria.

Standard Chartered Nigeria Customer Care

The table below is a summary of all the customer care contact numbers for Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria:

You must always save the contacts in the table above.

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Here Are The Contact Numbers Of The Standard Chartered Customer Care

The Standard Chartered Customer support center has numerous contact numbers you can use to reach them.

So, there is no way you call will have to wait in the queue.

Also, you can use a toll-free number to reach them, which means you can talk with them as much as you want without worrying about call charges.

Below are the contact numbers of the Standard Chartered Customer care in Nigeria:

  • +234 270 4611
  • +234 270 4612
  • +234 270 4613
  • +234 270 4614

Also, here is the toll-free number of the Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria Customer care:

The Toll-Free number for the help desk in Nigeria is +234 800 123 5000.

This number is also the 24 hours customer care number for Standard Chartered Nigeria.

If you are a corporate body including businesses institutions, companies, commercial baking clients, you can contact Standard Chartered Bank In Nigeria at the following phone numbers:

  • +234 1 2368220
  • +234 1 2368221
  • +234 1 2368222
  • +234 1 2368223
  • +234 1 2368224
  • +234 1 2368344

Those are the dedicated phone numbers you can use to contact the Standard Chartered Bank customer service unit in Nigeria.

You need to know that the helpline may be busy so you can try calling another number if one of them is not going through.

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Other Ways To Contact Standard Chartered Customer Service

As I stated earlier, Standard Chartered has provided various means through which you can contact them.

Another flexible way to reach their customer care is via email.

It is best to send all your queries to their customer service department via email unless it is urgent.

It is important to know the right email address to send your queries to, as they have an email for regular customers and corporate institutions.

Here is the email address for Standard Chartered Nigeria Customer Care:

Companies and commercial banking clients can reach the Standard Chartered Customer service in Nigeria via this email address:

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How To Contact Standard Chartered Bank In Nigeria Via Social Media

It is not only through calls that you can reach Standard Chartered Bank in Nigeria, as you can contact them on social media.

Due to fraudulent issues, you must make sure you are following their actual social media accounts.

Below are the social media handles of Standard Chartered Customer care in Nigeria:

Follow Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria on Facebook via this link:

You can click here to follow the bank on Twitter:

If you are on Linkedin, here is the Standard Chartered Nigeria Linkedin account:

That is all we have for you about how to contact Standard Chartered Bank customer care in Nigeria.

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