How To Contact Startimes Customer Care In Ghana – Startimes Ghana Helpline

Are you a Startimes subscriber in Ghana and want to contact customer care for help? Maybe you have a signal problem, your account has been suspended, or your channels are not showing?

Then you must contact Startimes Customer care in Ghana.

That is why we have dedicated this guide to help you reach Startimes Customer support in Ghana.

Startimes is one of the biggest pay-tv providers on the African continent, and in Ghana, they have a huge customer base.

Often, customers encounter many challenges with their Startimes decoder or accounts, and most times, such issues can only be resolved by Startimes.

It would be most helpful to reach out to Startimes anytime you face challenges on your account or decoder.

But how do you contact Startimes Ghana?

We shall give you that soon.

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How Do I Contact Startimes Ghana

You can contact Startimes Ghana through various means, but the best way to reach out to Startimes Customer care in Ghana is through their call center number.

In certain instances, you may wish to visit their regional and district offices across the country.

It is also important to note their workings hours, which is very key in getting help faster or assistance from their customer services personnel.

You must also have their actual customer care number, which we shall give you below.

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What Is The Working Hours Of Startime Customer Care In Ghana

Startimes Ghana operates from Monday to Sunday from 7:00 am – 8:00 pm, and if you want to visit any of their stores for assistance, you must make sure you take note.

The above working hours stated are for the Startimes Ghana head office, which means other offices across the country may have different working hours.

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Startimes Ghana Customer Care Number

The Startimes Ghana Customer care has two phone numbers you can use to reach them, but whiles one is available 24 hours all day, the other is available from 7 am – 8 pm.

Below are the contact number of Startimes Ghana: +233242437888.

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How To Contact Startimes Ghana Through Social Media

Startimes also provide customer assistance to subscribers via popular social media platforms.

So it is no longer a headache to reach Startimes, and you can follow their social media handles and get all updates regarding services and promotions, including system upgrades and more, so you could be on alert.

Look below for all Startimes Ghana social media handles:

Follow Startimes Ghana on Facebook at

You can follow the Startimes Ghana Twitter page here:

Also, on Instagram, here is the Startimes Ghana handle:

Check out the Startimes Ghana Youtube channel here:

On Youtube, here is the link to the Startimes channel:

Finally, that is all we have for you on how to contact Startimes Customer care in Ghana.

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