How To Contact The World Bank Office In Congo – Get Help Fast In Congo

Contacting the World Bank office in Congo is something that many people find challenging. Today, It is very easy to reach out to the World Bank representative in Congo and almost every other country for assistance.

In this customer care guide, we have dedicated our time to show you how to contact the World Bank office in Congo.

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How Easy Is It To Contact The World Bank

It is very easy to contact them, especially on the phone and via email.

You can actually contact the country representative on their official phone numbers.

In Congo, the World Bank has dedicated an official telephone number and an email address that anyone can use to contact them.

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What Are The Various Ways To Contact The Congo Office

There are various ways you can use to contact the World Bank in Congo.

The easiest and, of course, the fastest way to reach out to the representative in Congo is by calling their official phone number.

Another way you can contact the representative is by sending them an email. There is a dedicated email address on the World Bank website that you can use to contact the Congo representative.

You can also use the traditional approach to contact the World Bank office in Congo by walking to the office.

If you need to visit the office in person, you should be mindful of the opening and closing hours.

You should also note the working days and if they open the office on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.

You can get all this information from the Congo office by calling on their official contact number or sending them an email.

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What Is The Official Phone Number For World Bank In Congo

If you want to call the World Bank office in Congo, then you have to dial this phone number: +242 05 550 30 55 and +242 06 852 53 62.

For general information and inquiries, here is the contact number you need to call: +242 05 675 06 99 and +242 06 959 39 93.

That is the contact number for the representative in Congo.

If you are calling the Congo office from abroad, then you need to add the country code. Else your call may not go through.

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Where Is The Office Location Address

If you want to visit the World Bank main office in Congo, then here is the location address:

BDEAC Building, 2nd Floor, Denis Sassou Nguesso Boulevard, Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.

The address for general information and inquiries is Armel Samoue, Communications Associate.

That is where you can locate the office.

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What Is The World Bank Official Email Address For Congo

If you need help from the World Bank office in Congo, here is the email address you must use to contact the country representative:

If you have complaints and project-related issues that you want to contact the Congo office, here is the email address you need to use:

However, you must note that the response time for contacting them via email is normally longer than calling them on the phone.

I will, therefore, encourage you to call their phone number if you need urgent assistance.

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Contacting The World Bank On Social Media

If you want to contact the World Bank on social media, then here are the list of then online portals where you can find them:






You can use any of the social media links above to contact the World Bank for help in Congo.

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