How To Contact Africell Customer Care In Uganda – Africell Uganda Contact Number

Are you struggling to contact Africell customer care in Uganda? Here in this customer care guide, we shall detail all the guidelines you must follow to reach Africell customer service in Uganda.

Over the years, telecommunication companies are increasing in Uganda.

If you are a resident, you will agree with me how instrumental Africell has been in Uganda’s telecom industry.

They have done tremendously well to provided stable and affordable services to their customer.

Because they serve a huge number of customers, they sometimes encounter technical challenges that affect their subscribers.

One thing that makes Africell unique is how they use crafty means to get close to their customers and assist them any time they require help.

It makes contacting Africell customer support just a walk in a public park, but not everyone has the know-how to reach their customer care center.

That is why we have dedicated this page to show you how you can contact Afrcell customer care in Uganda the right way.

So let us begin.

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Various Ways You Can Get Help From The Customer Service

You can use several ways to contact Africell in Uganda, including calling their customer care center, reaching them through email, and contacting them via social media.

Whatever way you would want to use, you must make sure you have the right contact details.

You do not necessarily need to call them only via Africell numbers as you can contact them from other networks.

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What Is The Contact Number Of Africell Uganda Customer Care

The contact number for Africell Customer care in Uganda is 100.

You can use it to contact their customer help center only from Africell numbers.

It is important to note that their helpline is a toll-free number, which means you pay nothing for reaching their customer support center.

It is available 24/7, so irrespective of the times you can contact them, it is always active.

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How To Contact Africell Customer Care In Uganda

To successfully contact Africell Customer care in Uganda, follow these steps:

1. Dial 100 on your cell phone.

2. Quickly follow the voice prompt to change to the language of your choice.

3. Next, choose the option to speak to a customer service agent.

4. Wait patiently as your call is being forwarded to the next waiting agent.

5. An Africell customer service agent will join you on the phone to assist you.

That is how you can contact the Africell Customer help center.

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How To Contact Africell Uganda Customer Help Center From Other Networks

Not only through Africell numbers that you can use to reach their customer care, as you can also contact them from other networks.

You must make sure you have enough talk time on your phone before calling them, as your network may charge you.

If you want to contact the Africell customer in Uganda from other networks, here is their number to call: 079 0000 100.

How To Call Africell From Abroad If You Need Assistance

Maybe you are outside Uganda and need some answers to queries about the Africell service in Uganda.

There is nothing to worry about as you can reach them from overseas.

It is imperative to add a country code for Uganda (+256) before you call. Suppose you are reaching them from outside Uganda.

If you want to contact Africell Uganda from abroad, here is the number to call: +256 79 0000 100.

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Email Address Of Africell Uganda

As I stated earlier, you can use various means to contact the Africell customer help center, including email.

The best way to get detailed answers to your numerous queries about Africell services is to reach them via email.

Here is the email address of Africell Uganda Customer care:

You must note that calling Africell in Uganda is faster than sending them an email.

How To Contact Africell Uganda Customer Service On Social Media

Just like various other companies, Africell has extended its customer services to social media.

If you have any queries regarding the Africell service, you can reach them through popular social media platforms.

Below are the social media pages of Africell Uganda:

Here is the Facebook page of Africell Uganda:

Follow Africell Uganda on Twitter here:

Also, on Instagram, here is their page link:

You can subscribe to the Africell Uganda Youtube channel here:

Using the social media accounts above, you can reach the support unit for all your inquiries.

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